New UK Lotto Promotion May Ease Price Increases

The UK National LoNew UK Lotto Promotion May Ease Price Increases ttery has recently made headlines by making several changes to its pricing structure. Most notably, UK lotto players can now expect to pay £2.50 instead of the original £2.00 per ticket in the local EuroMillions lottery game.

Camelot, the operator of EuroMillions, has received mixed reviews from their lottery players regarding the price increase. The company has been quick to put a new promotion in place for these players, hoping to soften the blow of the 50p per ticket price hike. The pricing changes took effect from September 24 this year, and were instated alongside a substantial lottery promotion for UK residents.

Mega £109 Million Jackpot Available To EuroMillions Players

The National Lottery promotion began on September 30, 2016 for players of EuroMillions. In the new offer, the original lottery jackpot has been increased to an impressive Mega £109 million, which is expected to attract players back to the game after the increase earlier in September.

The new offer has been made available exclusively to Affiliate Empire’s premium affiliates who are promoting in the UK. Players who want to take part in the promotion can easily buy tickets at their local outlets, as well as online and via their smartphones and tablets at the official UK Lottery website.

Lottoland Offers Additional Price Freeze Lotto Promotion 

As a part of the new jackpot promotion, certain providers are also offering a price freeze deal for the EuroMillions lottery game. Here, players will still be able to buy tickets online or via mobile for the game at £2 a piece, instead of the increased rate of 50p more.

The same prizes will be on offer during this reduced-price promotion, including the Mega £109 million jackpot. The £2 tickets will also include 1 free chance each, effectively allowing UK player’s two entries into the game for the price of one.

The new UK Lottery promotion has also been coupled with an extensive new advertising campaign across the UK. Since launching a collection of advertisements in September last year featuring former Who Wants to Be a Millionaire presenter Chris Tarrant, Lottoland have now returned with a new television advertising campaign with the tagline; “Lotto’s evolved. Have you?”

The new advert features a play on Darwin’s theory of evolution, showing a chimp that morphs into Chris Tarrant to symbolise the evolution of lottery gaming. As well as EuroMillions, several other major lottery games are available at Lottoland, including the world-famous PowerBall game which hit a record £1.1 billion jackpot in January 2015.