Putting The Super Back Into Foods

Blueberries - the ultimate superfoodThe word superfood has been all the rage for quite some time now, and each year new superfoods are being introduced into the public news spectrum. We are bombarded with options and whilst we do love having choice, it can at times become difficult to differentiate between what is true and what is merely food fodder.

What then makes food so super? Well, it turns out that it depends on whom you’re asking. Medical science says one thing; popular media and foodie trend culture says another. Sometimes the information overlaps; but not always.

We take a look at a couple of superfoods that really are, well super.

What?, you may ask. Some may even be asking, what is watercress? Yup, watercress, a seemingly forgotten archaic vegetable only used by those who are really in the know about various kinds of foods and culinary applications.


Watercress is actually closely related to horseradish, and has such has a slightly peppery taste. Apart from its many dignified uses in the creation of culinary masterpieces, watercress makes the cut because it is jam-packed with fibre, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and vitamin C. It’s a powerhouse of goodness and best of all, it’s also exceptionally low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Watercress then, number 1 on our hot list of superfoods.

Olive Oil

And you thought we were going to say blueberries. Well, we are going to say blueberries, but first, we’re saying olive oil. Olive oil can be described as the magic elixir in the world of superfoods. It has many excellent properties, but perhaps most useful of all, is the fact that it is rich in omega-9 fatty acid. Despite being relatively high in calories, olive oil is the poster child for reducing levels of obesity, reducing the chances of developing heart disease, and assisting in the effective control of insulin levels. Olive oil: a winner in our eyes.


A member of the ginger family, Turmeric has been used in Indian cooking cuisine for as long as anyone cares to remember and it is valued for its tangy taste, especially when used in curries. What many people did not realise, up until recently, is that turmeric is a powerful anti-oxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. As if that isn’t enough to set you on the fast track towards the closest bag of orange powder, it’s also considered to be the number one enemy of Type 2 Diabetes. An all-round winner indeed, and it will make you feel just as good as playing at online casino, as when you start using Turmeric you won’t be gambling with your health!


There, we said it. And we said it because it’s true. Everyone’s favourite superfood really IS a superfood. They are low in calories and score a high five on the nutritional top-charts. What’s more, they are simply delicious to eat, unlike most other things that are supposedly good for you. Blueberries really do save the superfoods day as far as taste is concerned. They are chock-a-block full of vitamin K, vitamin C, manganese, and fibre.

What’s more, blueberries are the champions of anti-oxidant foods. They are believed to contain the highest concentration of anti-oxidants of all fruit and vegetables.

Blueberries own their place on our list of superfoods.


Well, cacao. But yes, chocolate. Cacao has many a superfood superpower, including the ability to boost your memory, reduce your chances of developing heart disease, it helps you to drop the pounds, and it boosts your immune system. Raw chocolate, or cacao, is a natural caregiver as it takes care of many important functions in the body.

Remember to grab for the raw chocolate bar, not the processed one though! As soon as dairy is added into the mix, which is the case with processed chocolate, the anti-oxidant capabilities of the cacao are blocked.

Now you can have a great reason for eating a chocolate bar!