The Amazing Money Machine Online Pokie Released

The Amazing Money Machine Online Pokie Released

Pragmatic Play, the award-winning online pokies developer, has just released The Amazing Money Machine, yet another exciting game for players to enjoy. This new game is themed after the iconic and ever-popular steampunk era. During this time, innovators were well-known for wildly pushing the boundaries of creation and science, and as a result, were able to create some of the century’s most unique devices. Unsurprisingly, this makes for an excellent basis for an online pokies game – the possibilities for theme, design and game structure are endless!

While an online pokie is far from risky compared to the creation of steampunk era machinery, it does make for an exciting, riveting soiree into the world of casino games. The Amazing Money Machine boasts plenty of exciting add-ons such as generous jackpots, respins and features entirely unique to the game itself.

A Fitting Theme

Most online pokies are meant to be packed with fun, adventure and an element of unpredictability, and The Amazing Money Machine is certainly no different. With its fitting theme, this game is just as fun and as adventurous as its theme is. The graphics are quite pleasing to the eye, and fans of the steampunk aesthetic will find this rings especially true.

While retro-themed, packed with exciting features and boasting bright, colourful and seamless designs, The Amazing Money Machine is still quite straightforward. This game represents the best of both worlds. It has the ability to transport players into a brand new and electrifying world, yet at the same time, offers players everything that they love about traditional online pokies.

Excellent Features On Offer

One of the key points that often sets exceptional online pokies apart from the rest is the features that it has on offer. The Amazing Money Machine was an excellent array for players to enjoy. Perhaps the biggest drawcard of the game is its wilds. Structured on a five-reel, three-row grid, The Amazing Money Machine has 10 paylines. During respins, this structure grows to a set of five by five.

By matching three out of five symbols, you become a winner. This is made to feel like quite an easy task, due in part to the large number of wild symbols dotted throughout the reels. The wild symbols take the form of diamonds, and each one has the ability to substitute any symbol, except for the money and bonus symbols. Other symbols adorning the reels include ray guns, flying ships glasses and rockets.

All in all, this steampunk-themed online pokies game looks set to be yet another huge hit from Pragmatic Play.