NZ Online Casino Laws Compared to Australia’s

NZ Online Casino Laws Compared to Australia’s You may be surprised to know that even countries like Australia and New Zealand, who are fiercely competitive in most things, share plenty of similarities when it comes to gambling markets and laws. Find out what they are so you’re informed the next time you log in to your Mummys Gold account. The best approach to NZ online casino entertainment is an informed one, so find out what you need to know.

Australia’s Casino Market And Gambling Laws

Australia is renowned for having one of the largest gambling markets in the entire world, with an incredible seven million players regularly patronising casinos both online and off and enjoying bookmaker services.

When it comes to gambling rules in Australia, this list does tend to differ quite vastly depending on which state you’re in. As an overall rule of thumb, Australians can gamble online and in person at approved casinos. When it comes to the most popular forms of gambling, you’ll often find Poker and Lotteries to be the top contenders. However, betting general team sports and Racing also enjoys a large following.

When it comes to the kind of pokies you’ll find at an NZ online casino, however, you’ll often find Aussies passing on play in favour of something else. Usually, choosing online betting in which they’ll often spend several hours a week dedicated to their favourite online casino. One of the most appealing things about Australian gambling laws is that gambling winnings are not taxed.

New Zealand’s Casino and Gambling Market

Kiwis very much enjoy their time at NZ online casinos and their land-based counterparts, even though historically, their casino laws are quite restrictive. Their game choices tend to lean towards pokies, casino games and sports bets.

However, with that said, the Gambling Act is quite strict in that there is a national list of controls and restrictions in place surrounding casino options and gambling is prohibited when it is not specifically stated in the Act.

The Gambling Act of 1908 was when gambling was legalised, and the Act allowed bets to be placed on sporting events. In the 1960’s the laws became less restrictive, and in the 1990’s, laws were passed so gamblers could enjoy pokies, visit casinos, and take part in lotteries.

The 2003 version is the most-up-to-date one yet and it allows Kiwi residents to play at NZ online casinos freely, provided the gambling site in question is reputable and is based outside of New Zealand’s borders, like Mummys Gold for example.