GMP’s Benefit New Zealand Communities

Poker machines help communities in New SealandEarlier in the week, New Zealand’s Department of Internal Affairs released the official gambling statistics for the second quarter of the current year. The report contains detailed information about the Gaming Machine Proceeds (GMP), commonly known as Poker machines.

According to the reported figures, the GMP rose by a landmark scale when compared to the same time last year. The growth percentage is an average of 3.1%, pushing the revenue income gleaned from traditional Pokies all the way up to NZ$6,846,240 for the quarter that ran from April to June of 2018.

This translates into a big chunk of financial aid for local communities. 

A Worthy Cause

More than 90% of nett earnings have reportedly been ploughed back into the local community, with the remaining 10% of the funds having been earmarked in favour of national and regional areas in the country. Financial experts are of the opinion that the funds in question make a positive difference for many groups and organisations involved in community upliftment and well being. In fact, most charitable organisations would experience great difficulty with the carrying on of daily business without funding received from GMP-driven endeavours.

Pin-Pointing Income

The report released by the Department of Internal Affairs offers a detailed view of the current situation, right down to regional standing. The various facilities are grouped together according to the location of the so-called clusters, which makes it possible to see exactly where the most funds are being generated.

Proper Regulation Is Vital

One of the main beneficiaries of this kind of funding is amateur sports. Local hospices and emergency medical response teams also received a large chunk of the income. These include professional air ambulance services as well as general air rescue services.

The grants issued are governed by trusts that in turn, are administered by the rules and regulations of New Zealand’s Gambling Act. According to reports, the charitable contributions gained from GMP’s, are the biggest of all. The Gaming Machine Association of New Zealand is very happy with the current situation and the contributions made to local communities.

The Association has however warned that the imposition of overly-strict gaming regulations could very well lead to an increase in unregulated gambling, and as a result, less funds being made available to communities.