Land-Based & Online Casino NZ Regulatory Changes

Land-Based & Online Casino NZ Regulatory ChangesCasino operators across the globe are continuing to work tirelessly to ensure a safe and healthy customer experience for their players. In New Zealand, this is very much an ongoing situation as the country continues to operate under alert level 2, and online casino NZ sites are thriving.

Two leading casino venues this week received approval from the country’s Gambling Commission for making certain temporary changes to their premises – changes that will enable them to continue offering a safe and health-conscious environment to their patrons.

SkyCity Hamilton Casino and Christchurch Casino last week made an application to the gambling regulator for permission to include temporary cash-handling cashier facilities at their premises. Both facilities had their requests approved on Sept. 6.

One additional cashier point was approved for SkyCity Hamilton, and two for Christchurch Casino.

Level 2 Alert Changes

The changes were necessitated by certain specific requirements regarding social distancing and the capacity at which venues are now allowed to operate under the provisions of alert level 2.

According to the outcome delivered by the land-based and online casino NZ gambling regulator, the addition of the extra cashier points will not negatively affect the capacity of either premises to uphold its responsibilities toward players in a safe and compliant way. As such, no concerns were raised over the proposed changes.

Even so, and while paying careful consideration to the ongoing global health crisis and its threat posed to the country, the regulator opted to approve the changes on a temporary basis only.

More Zones – Better Efficiency

The payment zones proposed by the facilities will each feature its own separate entry and exit points – all of which will be kept as such from existing points of access.

According to SkyCity Hamilton’s application, one of the two zones applied for will feature only pokie machines, and the other only table games. This will ensure additional control and better safety for management and patrons alike.

The idea behind the additional zones is for establishing the long-term viability for adding a total of 5 new zones to the SkyCity venue. The two temporary zones will enable the regulator to ensure each of the 5 zones will eventually be in a position to operate individually and effectively. The idea is for each of the zones to operate self-sufficiently.

According to the venue’s application lodged with the regulator, more zones will effectively ease the flow of people – thereby ensuring more and better social distancing between patrons and employees.