Where Online Casino Software Is Heading

Where Online Casino Software Is Heading Through the decades and into our current online digital age, new technologies have created greater and ever-increasing opportunities for online casinos and software developers. And with the software itself playing an ever-greater part in it all, game, and software companies all around the world are joining a rapidly growing market.

Digitally Simulating Chance

At the core of virtually all online casino games at sites like Dream Vegas is the Random Number Generator (RNG). This mechanism is used to create the unpredictable results needed for games of chance. RNGs are utilised across many other industries, such as computer simulation, cryptography, statistical sampling, and more. They are therefore made to be as efficient and tamper-proof as possible, with casinos and game developers relying on them to ensure the quality of their games in a highly competitive and regulated market.

Return To Player (RTP) is a term often seen in games like pokies and Video Poker, which refers to the percentage of all money wagered that will be returned to players over time. RTP is an alternate way of expressing the “house edge”, the mathematical advantage casino games are designed to have over players, and their eventual loss over time. House edge is a common system used by online casinos across the world, however it is worth noting that it does not affect the function and reliability of the RNG.

Types Of Casino Software

At Dream Vegas you can enjoy all the action in browser or on your mobile, with no download required. However, depending on the software used by an online casino, different sites allow for varying forms of access. These can include:

Browser-Based Software

The internet browser has become a universal tool, across the major devices, with which to navigate the web and play online games. Online casinos have been utilising browser software since the very beginning, and while flash games were once common and popular, with Adobe flash becoming outdated, HTML5 games are now replacing them.

Most mobile and smart devices now have browser functionality, making browser games one of the most convenient ways to play casino games.

Mobile Apps

A major factor in the success of online casinos today, mobile technology has created the perfect platform for everyday people to access and play online casino games. Mobile casino apps are light, easy to download and install, and widely available at app stores, along with an abundance of free games, making them highly convenient and popular. 

Live Dealer Games

A variant of online casino games that have skyrocketed in the last 5 years, live dealer games are unique as they eliminate the need for RNGs and computer graphic visuals entirely, by live-streaming a real-life dealer to the player in the game. The live dealer then handles all the basic functions of the game, be it throwing the dice, dealing cards, or spinning the roulette wheel, all in an atmospheric casino setting.

VR Casino Software

VR games are another new exciting type of casino software being developed and made available. Though limited to headsets, with spectacular virtual casinos opening their doors, VR shows huge potential, and may very well become the next big trend.

Smart Devices

Smart devices such as smart watches, and smart glasses, are quickly becoming more viable as technology progresses. Software developers are consequently already making casinos games available for them in anticipation of their popularity.

Whatever the future holds, you can be sure there will be some amazing online casino games coming our way!