Why Keno Is Underrated At Online Casinos

Why Keno Is Underrated At Online CasinosIt could be argued that Keno is the most underrated game in any online casino.

Unlike popular table game stalwarts like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, and Baccarat, Keno seems to have trailed behind somewhat.

While the reason for this isn’t really clear, many reckon that this is because the Keno NZ offers is neither Lottery, nor Bingo. Still, what remains as true as ever before is that Keno is a tremendously enjoyable game and one certainly loved my millions of players all over the world.

How To Play Keno

Learning how to play Keno is easy. It’s a game of numbers played with cards (or tickets) numbered from 1 to 80.

From this range, players must pick a total of 20 numbers.

Once numbers have been picked, a total of 20 balls imprinted with their own numbers will be drawn from a see-through container. The aim is to match as many numbers as possible with the player’s own selected numbers. The more numbers matched, the larger the eventual payout.

How To Win At Keno

Keno NZ is a game of luck. Even so, there are a handful of tips players might find useful in order to figure out how to play the game with the best possible odds of winning.

Below are 5 top tips for winning:

  • Choose an online casino offering better payout ratios. Helpful in this regard is to ask exactly how many variants of the game are on offer, as well as what each game’s payouts are for correctly guessing the numbers.
  • Don’t be afraid to play for free before using real money. Playing for free is a great way to learn the ropes of any game before wagering actual cash.
  • The magic happens at between 4 and 8 numbers. While many Keno beginners typically want to jump right in by picking as many numbers as possible, choosing between 4 and 8 seems to be Keno’s sweet spot.
  • Playing consecutive numbers seems to help. While Keno numbers are selected completely at random, many die-hard players firmly believe choosing consecutive numbers to be lucky.
  • When playing online, play only at reliable casinos. This piece of advice relates to any game, including Keno: an online casino should always be fair, trustworthy, and most importantly, licensed.

Why Play The Keno NZ Offers?

There a many good reasons to play Keno.

It’s fun, it’s relaxing to play, and since it’s based on the luck of the draw, there are no complicated strategies or rules to get the hang off before playing. And finding it an online casino is easy too!