The Real Story Behind Online Casino NZ Pokies

The Real Story Behind Online Casino NZ PokiesWhile online casinos are a relatively new phenomenon, gambling has been around for centuries. Whether it’s card games, dice games, betting on sports, or even hunting expedition outcomes, we’re always up for a wager! This is why the history of online casino NZ and how the term Pokies came about is a continuation of a proud tradition, namely placing odds on the outcome of something that takes equal parts luck and skill. A possibility in many forms as players at Slotnite will be quick to tell you.

Back in the early 19th century, the history of gambling already had a good few centuries under its belt, and when the invention of the computer came about it was only a matter of time before mankind decided to see if they could converge popular games into a video format.

Slot machines have existed in the country since 1987 when they were first introduced and have become more popular at online casinos NZ and land-based venues every year since.

The Origin Of Online Pokies Games

The pioneer of the online casino world, Microgaming, was founded in 1994 around the same time that the Free Trade and Processing Act was passed in Antigua and Barbuda. This allowed the countries to grant online casino licenses.

Microgaming started off as a software company and helped found Gaming Club, instrumental in the growth of online casinos NZ and those available around the rest of the world’s popularity. Microgaming also created the world's very first Progressive pokies game online, Cash Splash.

This pokies game changed how things were traditionally done, as for the first time ever, people could win large amounts of cash without ever having to step foot outside of their homes. The Progressive Jackpot was born and now millions of people around the world take their chances spinning the reels and hoping for a huge pay out.

Land-Based Vs Online Casinos NZ

Due to ongoing regulations, all physical pokies terminals within New Zealand need to have Player Information Displays. These inform gamblers of their overall statistical wins and losses as well as how long they’ve been playing.

Nowadays, due to the many laws and restrictions surrounding gambling in New Zealand, many Kiwis like to try their luck with pokies online at international casinos. It’s a fun pastime enjoyed not only by Kiwis but by Australians as well. So, if you’re visiting either of the lands down under, ensure you use the right terminology if you want to play pokies or Video Poker. And check out Slotnite for some of the best games ever.