Exciting Online Roulette Variations

Exciting Online Roulette VariationsThe days of Roulette being limited to just a few variations are long gone. Yes, some New Zealanders are purists and prefer the original rules, and there is nothing wrong with that. The classic original will always be available. But with the expansion of iGaming there is now online Roulette, and the digital versions have enough options to keep even the most adventurous gambler satisfied.

But hang on a second, purists may now be thinking, how do you take a game that is already essentially perfect and add new rules? It’s a fair question, and the truth is that online Roulette does mostly stick to what already objectively works. The new additions are, for the most part, sticking firmly to the rules, but simply adding a few tweaks to make things more exciting. Let’s take a closer look.

Multi-Ball and Multi-Colour Roulette

Most New Zealanders are already familiar with the American and European differences, and the savvy players know to go with European. What we’re talking about here is something beyond these small differences, going into much more interesting territory.

Multi-Ball and Multi-Colour online Roulette are both available, and are more or less what the name says. Though, incidentally, Multi-Colour is actually referred to as Premiere Roulette Diamond Edition. As would be expected, Multi-Ball uses numerous balls, up to 3 in total. Winnings are divided by the number of balls in use.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition adds green, yellow and blue to the wheel, with betting options changed accordingly. These change do dilute the highly popular red or black betting option, but many players see this alteration as an advantage rather than a hindrance. Betting on a colour now may be less likely to pay out, but each payout is significantly higher when it does occur.

Multi-Wheel and Live Roulette

We already have more colours and balls, why not more wheels as well? Found at casinos powered by Microgaming, online Roulette with multiple wheels is more fun than it first appears. Up to 8 wheels can be bet on simultaneously, each with its own betting table. Additionally, bets scale across all betting tables used, which means that big wins can be even bigger if replicated.

Last we have live dealer Roulette, which is another version that most New Zealanders are already familiar with. Rather than focus on speed, live dealer games focus on 100% authenticity. It is an advantage that speaks for itself and is fast becoming the preferred way to gamble online.