PlayOJO Casino Debut Hot Or Cold Feature

PlayOJO Casino Debut Hot Or Cold FeaturePlayOJO Casino is already well known to New Zealand players, seen by many as one of the best online casino NZ experiences. But now, with the new Hot or Cold feature debuting, more locals may be interested than ever before. SkillOnNet, the technological wizards behind PlayOJO Casino, added the Hot or Cold feature this week.

Simply put, the idea is that players on the site are now informed as to which games are currently paying out, otherwise known as Hot. This way New Zealanders can quickly jump to where payouts are occurring, ensuring that they are in the midst of the action.

SkillOnNet is using the online casino NZ facing site as a testing ground, having already said that they plan to add Hot or Cold to all games currently on their network.  So, New Zealanders wanting to be pioneers and try out the new feature for themselves, before the rest of the world, should head to PlayOJO Casino now.

How The Feature Works

But how exactly does it all work, and how can players tell what is going on? Thankfully, SkillOnNet are all about convenience, user friendly design, and innovation. At PlayOJO Casino built in software now keeps track of all the games currently available, creating a record of which are paying out, and which aren’t, on a permanent basis.

If it is detected that a particular game, be it a pokie or table game, is being particularly generous, that game is marked with a red fire icon. If a game is being particularly tight, and not making any payouts, it is marked with an expected ice blue icon.

Hence, the Hot or Cold system is not only interesting, but also very easy to understand. It can now be seen, even at a glance, what is going on across the entire site, specifically when it comes to payouts.

Why Implement It?

A spokesperson from SkillOnNet was very upfront about the new feature, explaining that it was all about superstition. The spokesperson mentioned that at land-based casinos many players tend to be engaged by how games are visibly behaving, either being attracted to, or repelled by, games that are currently playing out. Superstition says, the spokesperson explained, that a hot pokie is either going to be paying out more often, or less often, depending on personal opinion.

Hence, the spokesperson continued, the company design team had gone about designing a similar experience for online casino NZ players. The idea is, the spokesperson concluded, to not only increase player engagement, but also retain interest in the long run.

As it stands the feature is now live at PlayOJO casino, backed by an extensive advertising campaign being rolled out across the United Kingdom. Once it has been determined that the software operates correctly, Hot or Cold is due to then be added other sites, including MegaCasino, Metal Casino, Zebra Wins, GentingCasino, SpinGenie, and Slingo. How reel spinners in New Zealand respond remains to be seen.