Playtech Inks Deal with Captain Up

Captain UpLeading online casino software and solutions provider Playtech has signed a deal with Captain Up, a retention guru that will aid them in growing within the industry.

Player retention has become a major factor in the online gaming industry as competition is fiercer than ever and brands have to work overtime to ensure that they continue to attract new players, and keep existing ones happy.

The announcement of Playtech’s collaboration with Captain Up was made late in May and the brand is hoping that by engaging their services, they’ll see positive, timely results.

A Focus On Player Retention

Captain Up products and services give casino operators the tools needed to attract and retain players. This is done by exploring and exploiting behavioural economics and engaging with players on a personal level that encourages them to keep coming back for more.

A growing number of online casino operators engage the services of Captain Up, and Playtech is yet another recognisable and reputable brand that’s signed them on board. By assimilating Playtech into a larger management system Captain Up can attract a wider player base, and thus grow the brands reach in the online arena.

Keeping Players Engaged

In a nutshell, Captain Up engages players on a number of levels, including providing them with the opportunity to compete with one another for top spots on leader boards. Tournaments and competitions are held, and players can win badges, prizes and the prestige of climbing up the ladder to the top of the board. This real time engagement fosters a healthy competitive spirit and appeals to players who enjoy something a little extra with their gaming - in both the entertainment and rewards sector.

In turn, Captain Up will offer Playtech insights into player reactions and their habits, and advise on how best to attract them on an on going basis. Additionally, Captain Up manages monitoring of player activities, analyses player behaviour and can provide insight into different playing patterns that form over time.

Staying On Trend

By inking a deal with Captain Up Playtech is once again proving how it’s staying abreast of developments in the online gaming industry. The brand is smart enough to know that players now want more than just great quality games and big jackpots; they are also looking for a challenge and the chance to interact and engage with one another on a competitive level.

Captain Up’s data analysis tools and programs will give Playtech the edge and help them gain even greater popularity. Previously, Captain Up was a favourite of online sports betting sites, as their tools were ideally suited to monitoring punters, but as the online and mobile casino industry has changed, they have shifted their focus and now offer online casino operators and providers the means with which to keep tabs on players, and to work towards fostering an even better relationship.