Playtech To Utilise Betbuddy

Playtech Acquired BetBuddy - iGaming developer Playtech, who also offers a variety of software and service solutions, has now announced the acquisition of fellow iGaming service provider BetBuddy. BetBuddy specialises in responsible gambling analytics solutions, and while a purchase price for the deal has not been released, the acquisition has been confirmed and finalised by both parties.

Head of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance at Playtech, Ian Ince, commented that BetBuddy is a leading firm in the field of responsible gambling solutions, and has a team that focuses entirely on developing industry-leading responsible gambling innovations. It is for this reason that Playtech chose to purchase the firm, in an attempt to improve the safety of its customers and players using BetBuddy’s innovative software.

The strength of this responsible gambling analytics software and the experience of BetBuddy’s team are unparalleled, noted Ince in a recent press statement. He also noted that Playtech is delighted to have completed the acquisition, and to be able to welcome BetBuddy to its own team of iGaming experts.

Playtech Remains Dedicated To Responsible Gambling

BetBuddy offers a behavioural identification and modification module, which is what attracted Playtech into the purchase deal. Playtech has been seeking to incorporate this technology into its own gaming platforms, and the acquired technology will soon be launched through its IMS player management system, thereby improving its existing responsible gambling measures and services.

Ince also added that responsible gambling is a major focus of Playtech’s services, and that the acquisition has highlighted the firm’s commitment to this cause. “Playtech”, he said, “is dedicated to creating games and solutions that will enable itself and its operators to function responsibly within the iGaming industry.”

BetBuddy CEO Comments On Acquisition Deal

The news of the BetBuddy acquisition has closely followed the UK Responsible Gambling week, which took place from October 12 to 18. CEO of BetBuddy Simo Dragicevic noted that his firm is thrilled to have agreed to a purchase deal with leading B2B supplier Playtech.

He also noted that his team is looking forward to working alongside Playtech’s Compliance, Business Intelligence, and Game Development teams, as well as its customers and stakeholders, to continue to increase responsible gambling standards for all regulated gaming markets.

This, in turn, could curb the prevalence of problem gambling habits, and assist players to identify and take control of their own gambling behavior when playing on one of Playtech’s numerous casino platforms.