How NZ Casino Online Pokies Got Their Nickname

How NZ Casino Online Pokies Got Their NicknameNew Zealand is renowned for their love of slang, and their online casinos are no different. Many NZ casino online games have nicknames, but for non-Kiwis, hearing slots called “pokies” for the first time can be a confusing experience. The origin of this term isn’t 100% clear, but there are a few theories that many will find interesting.

Pokies Vs Slot Machines

Pokies are slot machines – the name doesn’t refer to any variations but is simply another term used in New Zealand.

One Theory: The “Poker Machine”

It seems that nobody is 100% sure of the origin of the name “pokies”, but one working theory is that it comes from the word “Poker” – a pretty logical abbreviation of the classic card game. This may have come about due to the invention of Poker machines (and Video Poker), some of the first gambling machines that made their way into the New Zealand casino industry. “Poker” was shortened to “pokie” – and the nickname has stuck at NZ casino online sites.

Another Possible Origin

The substitution of “pokie” for “Poker machine” based on abbreviation isn’t the only theory about how this nickname came about. The first slot machines (pokies) were operated by players inserting coins or tokens into a slot. Winnings – coins – were delivered into a compartment on the machine for players to collect.

This lead to the habit of gamblers sticking their fingers into machines in the hopes of triggering an unofficial payout – not unlike those who try various methods to get vending machines to drop change or items for free. In this theory, “pokie” simply refers to the gamblers poking their fingers into slot machines!

Popularity Of Pokies

Whether people call them pokies or slot machines, this game remains a firm favourite in any NZ casino online, and around the world. Sites like Syndicate Casino offer a huge range of pokies that players can access anywhere on their mobile devices and desktop computers.

The nickname “pokies” is used throughout New Zealand, and while Kiwis know that pokies are slot machines, their almost affectionate moniker isn’t going anywhere. Citizens of other countries might not know that New Zealand slot machines are called pokies, and it’s one of those fascinating details that shows the rich history of casinos and the cultural differences between different nations.

The nickname refers to exactly the same game that is hugely popular throughout the world but is just one example of how a population makes gambling special to them!