Video Game Brings Poker to the Mix

Video Game Brings Poker to the MixIf you’re a fan of Poker and also a fan of video games, then the soon to be released sequel to Red Dead Redemption, you guessed it: Red Dead Redemption II, is just the fun that you would enjoy. It’s a unique, multi-player action title and it features all of the best, and more importantly, actual, card-playing action in the land of the Wild West.

Whilst it may be true that this is not the first series of games to be released to have incorporated Poker elements, what makes the Red Dead Redemption series stand out from the rest of the crowd, is that its primarily a Poker game.

Playing By The Rules

The brainchild of New York-based developer Rockstar Games, Red Dead Redemption II looks set to be as popular as its predecessor. The official trailer was released earlier this month, and at first glance, many fans were impressed by the high quality, classic Wild West theme, with all of the shoot-out bells and whistles having been incorporated.

But there was more to the game than just being quick on the draw, and players all over the world sat up and took notice. It was quite apparent that the newest release from Rockstar was centred on actual Poker; that could be compared to the kind played in the online casino arena.

It's What Players Asked For

The Poker is presented in the form of a mini-game, and players are awarded with $200 each day with which to play. With their winnings, they can then purchase other built-in features. The exciting bit is that players are able to network-play in multiplayer mode against other players. This removes the element of being man-against-the-machine, and further incorporates the real experience. The rules are that of Texas Hold’em and the playing action is real.

It’s interesting to note a comment by the developers, being that of all the various theme-requests for new releases received by players, a title that incorporates real Poker multi-player action was at the very top of the list of requests.

There may be many other PC and console titles out there with elements of card playing, or themed around the timeless classic, but Red Dead Redemption II is the real deal.