Relax Partners Up With Hacksaw Gaming

Relax Partners Up With Hacksaw GamingScratch cards have gained a lot of momentum in terms of popularity over the last couple of years. What started out as a simple concept has now been developed into a full-on form of entertainment, and players just love the concept. Casino software platform provider Relax Gaming has announced that in order to expand its existing collection of games, it has partnered up with the kings of scratch cards, Malta-headquartered Hacksaw Gaming.

Scratch cards have been around for a very long time, first in physical hard-copy cardboard format, and then later, when technology had developed past having to get your daily fix at a local in-store pay-point, the concept was digitalised.

No Shortage Of Variety

Hacksaw Gaming’s focus is on scratch cards, and so far, the developer has come up with 26 different games. Hacksaw Gaming isn’t exactly an independent studio in the typical sense of the term, but the team does tend to not pay too much attention to what the mainstream industry is doing at any given time. And it could be argued that this has been its secret to success.

Hacksaw’s innovative approach has ensured that the company has had the freedom to do what it wants to do, which is to focus on the various design elements involved in creating a one-of-a-kind title.

Gaining Momentum With Relax

According to Relax Gaming’s Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Eskola, incorporating Hacksaw’s titles into the company’s portfolio of games, is part and parcel of a renewed effort to provide players with fresh new content on a regular basis. What better way to achieve this than to bring in the expertise of a team of developers fixated on the idea of creating the best possible scratch cards that the Internet has to offer?

And this is exactly what Hacksaw’s main aim had been right from the start, according to Chief Operating Officer, Marcus Cordes. Cordes said that Hacksaw had originally been founded with scratch card development in mind and that developing fresh new content would remain a priority.

It’s no wonder then that their games had managed to attract the attention of a major platform owner such as Relax Gaming.