Why Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie Is A Pokies Hit

Why Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie Is A Pokies HitIt isn’t often that a pokie gets referred to as a cult classic, so Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie is certainly something unusual. The game, released in 2013, is part of the Rhyming Reels series by Microgaming, with some of the other releases including Hearts and Tarts, Jack and Jill and Old King Cole. The idea of Rhyming Reels was to capture the charm of some of the old, well known nursery rhymes. But why is it that Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie had such an impact?

Georgie Porgie pudding and pie kissed the girls and made them cry.

It is a line that just about everyone knows, but the exact meaning of the words really is up to a bit of interpretation. Most would say that a cheeky little boy is kissing girls and making them cry, but in this case the developers have taken a different approach. The pokie depicts the titular Georgie as a very unattractive cartoonish college student, seemingly determined to lay a smooch on a popular cheerleader. He might have better luck if his breath wasn’t bad from too much pudding and pie!

Quirky Fun On The Reels

Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie is certainly unusual when it comes to the theme, but it’s also surprisingly simplistic in terms of actual gameplay. A 5 reel, 3 row grid is utilised, backed by 15 paylines and a 95% RTP. It is all fairly straightforward, with only a handful of special features and bonuses keeping the action interesting.

Though, of course, the real focus here is on the theme, graphics, and little story that unfolds on the reels. Microgaming clearly put a ton of effort into bringing the unusual theme to life, with artists extending plenty of effort on the character designs and setting. Even still, there are a few major payouts that can be awarded.

Mints Mean Big Payouts

Given that Georgie really does just need to pop a mint in order to sort out that bad breath, it makes sense that mints would be a special feature. Indeed, Rhyming Reels Georgie Porgie really is a silly little game. 3 Mint symbols trigger 15 Free Spins, 4 trigger 20, and 5 trigger 25. During a Free Spins sequence payouts are multiplied by x5.

The Rhyming Reels series was always regarded as interesting, but this unusual entry stood out as the cherry on top.