The Rise of Cryptocurrency (BTC) Casinos in NZ

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Casinos in NZ

Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies are getting buy-in from major companies worldwide, and online gambling sites seem to be paying attention. Now offered at an increasing number of merchants worldwide, BTC NZ gives people the opportunity not only to trade online, but use cryptocurrency to enjoy gambling at an online or mobile casino of their choice.

Still not entirely sure of what cryptocurrency is? At its simplest, cryptocurrency is a digital alternative to the world’s current monetary system – with one clear distinction: Decentralisation. As in, no governments or banks have control over it.

The result? Transactions are digital, transparent, and anonymous, while still hyper secure, thanks to Blockchain technology.

Finding the Best BTC-Friendly Online Casino in NZ

Bitcoin is arguably the most popular cryptocurrency around, so it’s no surprise that top online and mobile casinos offer it as a deposit and withdrawal method. To find the one that suits you, simply search ‘best online casino NZ’ followed by ‘BTC’ or ‘Bitcoin’.

Your preferences will dictate which online or mobile casino is best suited to your needs. We recommend taking UI (user interface), bonuses and promotions, casino features, types of casino games and other deposit and withdrawal options into account when choosing your Bitcoin gambling site.

Cryptocurrency Pros and Cons

As with any payment method, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have their goods and bads. The ones that stood out to us are included here.


  • Totally anonymous
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals
  • Blockchain secured
  • Easy to set up
  • Minimal transaction fees


  • Not supported by all online/mobile casinos
  • Unregulated

BTC Bonuses in NZ

Bitcoin bonuses work the same way as regular bonuses do. If BTC is offered as a currency at your chosen casino, then it stands to reason that Bitcoin deposits will stand in for regular currency deposits. That said, always read bonus terms and conditions before deciding on whether to participate.

Into the Future with Bitcoin and Beyond

Safe, anonymous and decentralised, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are gaining popularity far and wide, with more and more global companies embracing this form of payment in their banking options. This means that BTC is likely to become a staple in NZ and beyond – and may start to become a primary banking feature at the best online casinos in NZ too! We’re certainly excited to see how far and wide cryptocurrencies are going to reach in the near future.