How New Zealand Online Casino RNGs Work

How New Zealand Online Casino RNGs WorkRandom chance is something that exists freely in our universe and is something we have learned to utilise for many things. New Zealand online casinos offer fair games, and the chance factor is implemented via Random Number Generator software. Top sites like Casino Nile use it to provide provably fair games.

RNGs generate random sequences of numbers. This software has been continuously developed and refined to better perform this task and today it is commonly used over a wide range of different computer-related industries and functions. From games to more technical uses like cryptography and data encryption, statistical sampling, computer simulation, and more.

RNGs are generally divided into two main categories, PRNGs and TRNGs.

Pseudo-Random Number Generators

PRNGs are a type of software-based RNG that uses a mathematical algorithm, which in turn utilises a special type of data called a “seed value”, to generate random output. The seed value itself is randomly determined by data from the hardware or software, such as the milliseconds of the timestamp, pressed keys, mouse movement, or any unique information local to a computer system.

However, PRNGs are generally deemed to have a certain flaw which can potentially make them unreliable. The set of data utilised by PRNGs is ultimately finite. Therefore, in theory, the results will never be one hundred percent random, and with enough time and effort, the algorithm could also be potentially hacked and manipulated.

True Random Number Generators

TRNGs are a type of RNG used by most industries, including the New Zealand online casino one, which does not require static seed values or an algorithm in order to function. Instead, it is based on real-world data, such as temperature readings, electromagnetic frequency, and constantly changing variables happening in real-time.

This provides what is considered “true” random output, and furthermore non-deterministic. It is therefore the most commonly used and trusted type of RNG and is used from data and bank encryption to state lotteries, and in New Zealand online casino games.

As trustworthy as TRNGs may be, they are still duly subject to strict regulation and testing. Agencies such as eCOGRA and the MGA, along with various regulatory committees, national and international, help to ensure legitimacy and security of RNGs in the New Zealand online casino, iGaming, and ecommerce industries at large. When you play at regulated sites like Casino Nile, you don’t have to worry about being treated unfairly at any point in time.

Relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that state-of-the-art RNG software is ensuring you are always being treated fairly.