How To Boost Your Casino Online Roulette Wins

How To Boost Your Casino Online Roulette WinsRoulette is one of the most famous of all casino games. Popularised in movies and books, with the classic wheel encapsulating the very spirit of casinos, it is a perfect example of games that rely on pure chance. There is no actual skill involved in playing this casino online game.

This said, it doesn’t have to be entirely up to good fortune either, and a keen gambler with a good knowledge of odds, probability, house edge, and betting strategy, can potentially achieve great success in the long run. 

Always Play European Roulette

Those new to Roulette may not be aware that the game has two main variants, European and American. The latter is newer and includes an extra zero on the wheel. While one might not notice the difference this makes over a casual game or two, the added zero gives American Roulette a notably higher house edge, at 5.25% in comparison to the 2.70% of European Roulette.

This will inevitably result in a lesser chance of winning over time. Most casinos online offer European Roulette by default, but it’s always best to check before you bet at Plaza Royal or anywhere else.

Empower Yourself With Knowledge

Understanding the odds of each bet, and how they relate to “house edge” is a crucial basic strategy and first step for Roulette, and practically all casino games.

  • House Edge

House edge represents the intrinsic advantage that the game has over players represented as an average percentage of loss that one can expect over time. This directly relates to the odds of bets, which in turn directly relates to the amount of risk involved for the player or the casino online. House edge is specifically time-based, and is designed to multiply over lengthy sessions, something to always be aware of.

  • Betting

Wagers with a higher chance of winning and little risk, such as an even money bet, will generally have a low house edge and result in low pay. Despite this, a general rule of thumb is to try and keep to wagers with the lowest house edge possible.

This means a much slower pace, and smaller wins, but over time it will result in a lower accumulation of house edge, meaning fewer losses, and a greater win rate in the long run.

The great advantage to casinos online is that they offer free versions of every game. Though intended for casual fun, they also let you practice. This is the only way to get better at the game at the end of the day, so head over to Plaza Royal and get started.