Couples who Play Together, Stay Together

Shared activities strengthens relationshipsMarried sporting power couple Ana Ivanovic and Sebastian Schweinsteiger, she of tennis and he of football fame, have both been a little off their respective games recently. A back injury saw Ivanovic tumble from a World Tennis Association ranking of 1 to 16, and new Manchester United manager José Mourinho has told Schweinsteiger in no uncertain terms that he is not needed, and his future with the club looks uncertain.

You would be mistaken, however, to think that this couple is allowing their setbacks to get them down. Their recent Instagram posts show how they’ve been hitting the gym together, and highlight the importance of couples taking time to enjoy hobbies together. The activities involved could be anything, from travelling the world to relaxing and playing online casino games together. Playing at home would have the added bonus of not having to get dressed up or drive anywhere and couples can snuggle in their pyjamas, enjoy their favourite games then settle in for a movie marathon.

Choosing a Shared Hobby  

Tennis and football stars love spending time togetherChoosing a hobby together seems to be just as essential as sharing a hobby, since it’s the first commitment to setting aside structured and regular time with your partner. Discuss what you want to do and make sure that what you decide on is something that interests you both; you are far more likely to stick with it and reap the benefits of it when this is the case.

You can choose something that you’ve both always been interested in and have never tried, or something that you used to be involved in and have lost touch with over the years. There’s something to suit every taste and every budget from hiking to collecting vintage cars. Couples can actually have a lot of fun spending time together and deciding what it is they want to do.

A Lasting Relationship Investment

Relationships change over time and it’s up to both romantic partners to keep the flame of love alive as daily life gets more demanding, and simply as time goes by. Hobbies can go a long way to help with that; the commitment and dedicated time can strengthen the bonds that were formed in the first flush of romance.

Make sure that this time is just about you and your significant other, and that you both enjoy what you’re doing together. Over time you’ll see how worthwhile it is, and how much the space and pleasures that hobbies allow for will bring you closer together.