Casino Online NZ & Global Industry Talent Shortage

Casino Online NZ & Global Industry Talent ShortageAs the internet and digitalisation became increasingly accessible the world over, certain industries have experienced monumental demands on their human resources. While the casino online NZ industry is one that has shown tremendous growth in recent years, the global industry is now facing an unprecedented shortage of talent. According to a survey by iBG-Pentasia, this shortfall has so far led to enormous repercussions for salary and recruitment costs around the world.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the insights revealed by iBG-Pentasia’s survey.

A “People-Focused” Future

Alastair Cleland, the Managing Director of Pentasia, has said that despite the current challenges facing the industry, the future looks a lot brighter. While there is currently a shortfall of talent, the casino online NZ demand remains high, and it is only a matter of time before the gaps in the market are filled by newly qualified human resources.

Cleland has stated that encouragingly, there are some emerging signs of longer-term solutions to the situation that the industry is currently facing. While iGaming is certainly under high pressure at the moment, Cleland is confident that the future of the online casino industry is a promising one.

In a statement, he said that “people-focused” leaders have become the ones most coveted in the industry this year. He stressed that it is these kinds of leaders who understand just how important it is to create work cultures that people actually want to be in.

An Increase In Average Salaries

Of course, the shortage of talent in relation to what the online casino industry has been demanding has had ripple effects. For example, the sector’s average salary increased by a whopping 12% in this year to the end of June. In addition to this, it has also been reported that increases of 25% and upwards are now commonplace.

Cleland added that recruitment backlogs mean that firms now have no choice but to pay whatever is required in order to entice workers into contracts. At present, the biggest demand is for tech skills and expertise. According to the Managing Director, this has presented an entirely new set of challenges for recruiters and their firms.

Compliance and legal salaries in the sector saw an increase of 26% - a figure that is only set to rise thanks to regulatory developments. Likewise, sales salaries have also increased by approximately 26% after the slump resulting from the effects of the ongoing global health crisis.

Fortunately, for casino online NZ players the shortage won’t have any effect on the quality of gaming available. Sites like Nomini Casino deliver a state-of-the-art experience and will continue to do so.