SkillOnNet Unveil Casino Online Responsible Gaming Tool

SkillOnNet Unveil Casino Online Responsible Gaming Tool Players who have needed a bit of help to stick to their resolution to gamble responsibly have either had to set deposit or bet limits, self-exclude, or contact a support group. Thanks to Neccton, players at casinos online powered by SkillOnNet can use an innovative machine learning tool that may help them to change their behaviour.

Developed by data science specialists in partnership with the provider, the tool called Mentor can detect risky behaviour by players, and it can nudge them toward change by using a counselling approach developed by psychologists. The tool will be rolled at all sites on the SkillOnNet platform, including brands such as AHTI Games, Lucky Vegas, PlayOJO, Royal Bet, and Slots Magic.

Driven By Science

Dr Michael Auer, the director of Neccton, expressed his satisfaction with the machine learning responsible gaming tool for casinos online. He explained that his company focuses on academic research, and that such research was used in the development of Mentor.

According to Dr Auer, no other data specialist company had published as many studies of responsible gambling and of the tracking of players as Neccton did in the past 10 years. Those studies helped the company, as well as the psychologists and behavioural scientists with whom it worked, to determine which approaches were helpful, and which approaches did not work. 

SkillOnNet compliance head, Andy Andrew said that responsible gambling was one of the most important aspects of casino online operation. This is just one of the reasons why the provider was proud to offer Mentor alongside its other advanced tools.

Andrew explained that players deemed to be at risk by the machine learning tool will receive nudges with practical advice that could prompt them to make decisions that ultimately benefit them.

Prompting Change In Behaviour

The basic principle behind the machine learning responsible gambling tool is that it tracks player data which enables it to detect changes in a player’s behaviour. The tool also can detect risk patterns. If Mentor assesses that a player is at risk, or if it identifies signs of problem casino online gambling, the tool will send the player personalised messages that prompt changes in behaviour.

The communications that Mentor sends to players make use of a counselling approach called motivational interviewing. The approach was developed partly by psychologists William R. Miller and Stephen Rollnick. Focused on the player, motivational interviewing attempts to help individuals overcome ambivalence and to develop the motivation they need to make lasting changes.