Safe Deposits With Skrill NZ At Online Casinos

Safe Deposits With Skrill NZ At Online CasinosWith so many New Zealanders transacting online these days, it makes sense that there would be an ultimate payment solution. For many, that ultimate solution is Skrill NZ. Offering easy, reliable transactions, most of which are instant, Skrill NZ has quickly become the number 1 deposit method for online casinos and bookies. In fact, with services offered in over a hundred countries, many locals have started to associate the transaction method with iGaming in general.

But before we get to the details on how it works, let’s first take a closer look at the company itself. There is, after all, no harm in having a bit of background information on the company that is handling your money.

The Company

The company was founded in 2001, originally referred to as Moneybookers, and the corporation sat as direct competition to another immerging online payment service; PayPal. After a battle with PayPal, Moneybookers fell back on being a niche payment service, specifically focusing on casinos, cryptocurrency, and stock image sites.

In 2007 the brand was sold to Investcorp Technology Partners, and quickly began to expand across the globe. It wasn’t long before an enormous customer base of around 25 million was secured, including a whopping 150,000 corporate entities. The expansion did not stop, and Moneybookers was crowned as the fastest growing e-commerce enterprise in the United Kingdom. The name Skrill was then officially adopted.

Skrill was then officially purchased by Neteller in 2015 at a cost of over $1 billion, which more or less brings us to Skrill NZ in the present.

How To Transact With Skrill

Now let’s find out how to make use of Skrill NZ; information that will make online casino transactions easier and safer than ever.

First and foremost an account must be created. This will require entering an email address and other personal details, as well as selecting a preferred country and email address. Note that a verification email will then be sent to the provided address. Within the email will be a verification link.

Funds will now have to be deposited into the newly created account. This can be done via a number of suitable methods. Once the funds reflect, the money can then be used to make quick and convenient online transactions.

At a preferred online casino, Skrill NZ must be selected as the preferred payment method. Deposit and withdrawal can then be initiated, with processing time being virtually instant, depending on the site.