The Smartphone - So Much More than a Phone

Phones ceased to be just phonThe Smartphone More than a Phonees a long time ago; today they are life tools that most of us simply cannot imagine living without. And, luckily, we don’t have to!

As technology has developed and improved, so has the scope of what apps can achieve. We’ve reached the point now where, some sources claim, there are more than 60.000 apps released every month! From playing at world-class online casinos to managing your business trip expenses and everything in between, when you want to do something it has never been more true that, as they say, there’s an app for that.

As smartphones become more ever-present and are used for more and more functions, actual telecommunications need to be rethought too. The more seamless and reliable we see our world can be, the more seamless and reliable we want our world to be.

The Connectivity of Things

The Internet of Things is spreading farther and wider all the time, and the connected home is a reality today. It’s even possible to control the temperature of your shower from your phone! While in some instances this may be bordering somewhat on the ridiculous, it also shows that the potential possibilities are now firmly in the region of the sublime.

As the devices in our daily lives communicate with themselves more and more, learning our needs and preferences at the same time, we can expect a smoother experience all around including with our smartphones. When the fridge detects that we are running low on milk, for instance, a reminder might be sent to our phones. And, to revisit the shower example that was previously mentioned, when the water reaches the perfect temperature a notification will come through on your phone so that you can jump in without getting chilled or burned.

Other Apps for Apps

Other Apps for AppsNo matter what you want to do, a quick search through the Google Play Store, the iStore or any other app store will probably yield dozens of tools to help you do so. This includes improving your fitness levels or mental health, developing your linguistic or artistic skills, playing detailed video or casino games or, of course, accessing your email or social media accounts.

Budding photographers can treat their pictures through a wide array of effects filters, and there are many devices that communicate with your smartphone for more effective life enhancement for you. A fitness tracker, for example, might send your physical performance figures through to your phone. An app on your phone could then assess these and suggest appropriate new jogging routes in your area. Continuous blood glucose monitoring is now possible for diabetics via a small device that is worn on the arm, with the results communicated to yet another smartphone app. These can be checked at any time, and trends over days, weeks or months can be tracked and interpreted.

Take Control of Your Apps

Other applications for managing your time, planning your holiday destinations, helping you pack and anything else you can think of are all designed to help improve your life and are waiting for you to discover them. Many people now think the danger is not that apps won’t serve us well, but that they will serve us too well and we’ll become enslaved to the technology.

It’s important to remember that apps are tools to help us manage our lives, rather than dictators that control what we do at all times. Switch off when you need to, and when an app becomes cumbersome delete it and move on. It can be a challenge, but you need to let your apps enhance your life rather than burden it!