Betting Sites Sponsoring Sports Teams: May 2021

Sponsored Sports Teams by Casino Brands

A new trend has started in the last few years – that of sponsoring sports teams by online casinos or betting sites. Some of these sponsorships may be obvious, while some may go under the radar, but the question is: what is the point in sponsoring sports teams and, what do betting sites do in the case where minors view these sponsorships? Some examples of teams that are sponsored include West Ham United (sponsored by Betway), Everton (sponsored by SportPesa) and Crystal Palace (sponsored by ManBetX), while bettors look forward to big names, like Spin Sports, coming to the party hopefully in the near future. But first, let’s try and answer the questions below.

Why do Betting Sites Sponsor Sports Teams?

There is one main reason why betting sites sponsor sports teams: brand awareness. These sites will pay a lot (and we mean, a lot) of money for their brand to be visible on sports teams’ jerseys and around the stadium. But it goes both ways: as mentioned, betting sites will pay for brand awareness and therefore the sponsored sports teams obviously get money from it. So besides brand awareness for the sports betting site, if you want to look at the mutual connection, it comes down to money.

The Risk of Underage Gambling: What do Betting Sites do?

According to a recent study done in Australia, children watching gambling ads is becoming a normal part of watching football, and can recall brand names and even promotional offers from as young as eight years old. So if it’s becoming the norm, what is the risk of underage gambling then? Sports betting sites and online casinos that sponsor sports teams have to be extra vigilant when it comes to allowing players to sign up. You’ll find that these sites are legal and fully licensed, and therefore have to adhere to strict conduct rules. The casinos and sports betting sites will therefore have extra measures in place to ensure that no minors are allowed at these sites. These include restrictions on sign-up and requesting of customer documents, to name only a few.

What Does the Future Hold?

What’s next for betting sites when it comes to sponsoring sports teams? Only time will tell – there are still a lot of big name sports teams that may not need sponsorship right now, but who knows… It all comes down to money at the end of the day, and sportsbooks that want to build their brand might just be willing to pay. For now, place your bets at your favourite sportsbook and keep an eye out for sponsored sports teams, as this might just change your mind as to where you place your next bet.