Star Entertainment Receives Casino Award

Star Entertainment Receives Casino AwardThe Star Entertainment Group has received an accolade at the Industry Community Awards. The casino corporation accepted the award at an event held in London.

Though, of course, given the ongoing world health crisis, the entire prestigious ceremony was held digitally. Even still, a vast number of world class casino and gaming companies attended, even if they were only able to share their celebrations in the virtual world.

Head of sustainability at The Star Entertainment Group, Amanda Visser, spoke on behalf of the corporation. She declared that it was truly an honour to be recognised as the most sustainable operator in the world, and deeply gratifying. She went on to stress that central operations within the company were firmly based around a sustainable future, and it showed on every level of operations.

Positive Impact

But, Visser added, it wasn’t just about sustainability within the corporation itself. She went on to point out that local communities around casino operations were also a top priority, ensuring that, both internally and externally, every operation had a long-term future. She concluded that, for stakeholders, employees, and communities, it was all about ensuring a positive outcome.

This is, of course, not the first time that The Star Entertainment Group has been recognised in this way. The 2020 SAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment, which is recognised as a global authority in environmental and social indices, likewise included the organisation as a true Sustainability Leader.

The Star Entertainment Group certainly seems to be on the right track as far as a bright future is concerned.

A Closer Look

Taking a closer look at the company’s many impressive milestones, there is no question that major strides are being made across the board.

  • It has been recognised that a zero emission target has been set for 2030, at which point the entire organisation should be completely carbon free.
  • 28 tonnes of furniture were donated to various local communities.
  • Local rescue charity organisations received roughly 100,900 meals.
  • A local recycling program, Soap Aid, were supported in created 35,000 bars of soap.
  • Roughly 7.5 million plastic straws were saved from being dumped into landfills.
  • 41 internally used plastic items were completely rethought, and replaced with 33 alternative, sustainable solutions.
  • Plus, most importantly, 50% of the company’s portfolio was recognised with an environmental certification rating.

Corporate Profile

The Star Entertainment Group is globally recognised as a leader in the gaming industry. The conglomerate has the Star Gold Coast, Treasury Brisbane, and The Star Sydney under its umbrella, all of which are widely recognised as top tier venues.

In finer detail, 60 restaurants and bars, 7 hotels, and roughly 9,000 employees are all part of the Australian network. The network is a multi-billion dollar operation, with backing from some of the most outstanding investment firms in Hong Kong.

The group has declared that the ultimate mission is to become the leading chain of hotel and casino resorts in Australia, providing the ultimate tourism experience for visitors from around the world.

Industry Community Awards

The Industry Community Awards was created to recognise outstanding performance in the global gaming community. Operations that show immense dedication, both within the corporate structure, and externally within surrounding communities, are honoured.

A panel of 15 judges, including those in mental health, social care and health care, collaborate, and make decission. Notably, each submission to the judge is entirely blind, meaning that details are removed to avoid bias. The Star Entertainment Group won under these circumstances.