Swintt Proudly Hires Online Casino NZ Veteran

Swintt Proudly Hires Online Casino NZ Veteran

iGaming developer Swintt seems to be on the online casino NZ industry fast track. Already known for creating some of the best pokies in the industry, the company seems to be undergoing rapid growth. It was recently announced that the studio is adding a new operations manager to an already impressive team, demonstrating that things must be going fairly well.

Though, a closer look at the newcomer reveals that he is a true industry veteran. Etienne Azzopardi is a respected figure in the world of iGaming, having racked up more than 22 years of experience as an IT focused professional. But, adding to his qualifications, most of those 22 years were also spent under the umbrella of online gambling behemoths. This includes Betsson, a corporation many consider to be the best online casino NZ provider in the world.

A Closer Look

Looking closer at Azzopardi, his most recent employment was at another online casino NZ bigshot, Quickspin. He spent his time there as a commercial operations director, with his responsibilities including commercial analysis, customer integration, and various other core company projects. Of course, he intends on bringing this long list of expertise and experience over to Swintt.

In his new position he will be adopting many of the same responsibilities, though will also be focusing on product delivery, geographical expansion, as well as client launches. He will, additionally, also be tasked with paying close attention to individual customer demands.

All in all, it can simply be said that Azzopardi will be tasked with ensuring that Swintt continues on its current growth trajectory towards being the best online casino NZ provider on offer.

A Vital Employee

Chief executive officer at Swintt, David Flynn, commented on the situation. He first declared that Azzopardi is perhaps one of the most skilled and experienced executives in the entire online casino NZ industry. He went on to say that the newcomer would fit in perfectly with the already excellent team that exists, and that, together, the company would be pushed forward to new heights.

Azzopardi shared a few thoughts of his own. He commented that he was proud to be joining a team of online casino NZ experts, and was eager to get started stimulating new company growth. His conclusion was that, simply, it was a great time to be accepted into a company that was steaming forward into a bright future.