Great Syndicate Casino Online Promotions

Great Syndicate Casino Online PromotionsSyndicate Casino may be a casino online with a fairly ominous theme. It is, after all, not very comforting to see a world that is apparently run by shady mobsters. But the creepy vibe is really not representative of the site itself. The artwork is all in good fun, and the casino online actually happens to be amongst the most generous in New Zealand.

Those mobsters really must be the giving type, because newcomers are especially well treated, offered a Welcome Bonus that is nothing short of impressive. This isn’t even mentioning some of the other countless promotions, all of which comes together to make Syndicate Casino a true gambling dream come true.

Let’s take a closer look and examine these promotions in more detail.

Welcome To The Family

New Zealanders love a good deal, which explains why so many are drawn to this site in particular. The fact of the matter is that there isn’t just a single Welcome Bonus on offer, but a whole selection that can be chosen from. This makes the casino online one of only a few that provide such freedom of choice.

The first option is a 125% match plus 200 Free Spins. It almost seems too good to be true, but is exactly the kind of generosity on offer. The only factor to keep in mind is that the Free Spins are given out over the course of 8 days. This means that there is a long road of fun ahead for those that enjoy spinning the reels. The other 3 Welcome Bonus options are all variations of a match bonus. Options include a 75%, 50% or 100% match, with the difference being the maximum amount of Bonus Cash that will be awarded.

More Enriching Casino Bonuses

The Welcome Bonus is already impressive, and enough to make this a standout casino online. But it gets better. The reality is that although the Welcome Bonus is great, a new deal is made available every day of the week. So, no matter when a player wants to get some gambling done, there is always a new promotion to take advantage of.

There is little wonder why this casino online is becoming so popular in New Zealand. Who wouldn’t want to get involved with the mob, if this is how great the deals are when it comes to spinning the reels? Those interested can check out the rewards for themselves on the dedicated ‘promotions’ page.