Tech Must-Haves for Gaming and Your Home

Techs must haves

In the last decade tech developments, and especially those related to mobile devices, have been nothing short of astounding. Growth in the mobile industry has been staggeringly exponential, with most insiders agreeing that it is the fastest-growing sector that the world has ever seen.

As we become increasingly dependent on our mobile devices, it’s important not to forget how essential the creature comforts of home are. The developments of today are allowing us to customise our living spaces too, and we’ve taken the time here to appreciate this. You can do anything, from cooking to playing online casino games better than ever before, thanks to the gadgets and technology that is now available for your home.

To give you an idea of some of the latest gadgets that make gaming and home life that much more entertaining and enjoyable, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite new mobile tech releases.

Home Life Devices

A lot of what is mTechs Must haves Newaking home life better right now is the idea of a smart home, which is an expansion on the concept of the Internet of Things. With smart home tech you’re able to control thermostats, door locks, refrigerators, music, and pretty much everything else in and around your environment.

You can buy different smart home devices separately to customise your home according to your preferences and budget, or you can choose a full home ecosystem. They can be controlled through various hubs, such as the Google Home, which integrates with Google Assistant, and the Amazon Echo, and each device features their own voice-activated assistant.

Gadgets that are not part of a smart home system, but which will considerably improve the time you spend at home, include the Perfect Chair by Human Touch, and the Oral B Pro 7000 Series Rechargeable Toothbrush with Bluetooth. The ergonomically designed Perfect Chair has a zero gravity mode that takes all the pressure off your spine, while the toothbrush allows you to stay connected while you brush. There’s nothing, and no activity, that can’t be made better with tech!

Gaming at Home

New gaming gadgeMobile VAR ts are always in development, and there is always more to look forward to. Some of the top mobile gaming devices at the moment include the Polycade Arcade Interface, which uses the Steam App Store to deliver unlimited games and has 2 modern joysticks cleverly built into its retro design, and the Hypersuit VR simulator. The VR simulator allows you to lie on top of it, and to fly around the virtual world of your choosing. Simulated activities include being an astronaut, flying and base jumping – all from the comfort of your own home.

For seamless gaming, consider investing in the Roccat Leadr Wireless Gaming Mouse with owl-eye sensors that transfer your motions to the screen with nothing less than 1:1 action. The Icaros Full Body Workout Machine, meanwhile, also has virtual reality technology, and allows you to combine your core fitness training with some serious game action. You can control and determine your flight paths using your own body, and it might just be the perfect marriage of home and gaming technology!

There are plenty of otherWireless charger incredible gadgets and devices, with more coming all the time, and watching what engineers and designers are capable of producing is as thrilling as trying them out. Gaming and relaxing at home have been given a major boost from mobile tech and the smart home environment and a state of the art gaming experience may soon be a reality for everyone.