The World’s Most Unforgettable Hotels and Resorts

Unforgettable Hotels From the lofty heights of Peruvian Valleys to underwater aside the Great Barrier Reef, the world certainly has some unforgettable travel accommodation options to offer. Technology is also playing a major role in the future of hospitality, with some hotels beginning to rely more and more on robotics and virtual reality to please their guests. Read on to discover the world’s most extraordinary and exotic hotels and lodges to rev up your lust for travel!

1. Skylodge Adventure Suites

You might not be brave enough to spend the night dangling off a cliff from a hiking harness, but the Skylodge transparent luxury capsules will bring you the next best thing. Located atop the Sacred Valley of Peru, you’ll be able to appreciate stunning 300 degree views in a completely transparent, suspended room complete with a dining area and private bathroom. The capsules boast alternative solar lighting, luxury facilities, and even curtains for privacy from your fellow sky neighbours!

2. Water Discus Hotel

This groundbreaking resort design will allow you to view the Great Barrier Reef in all its splendour while enjoying world class luxury accommodation. Although it is still being researched, blueprints are underway and you could soon enjoy rooms with floor to ceiling windows for a complete view of one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders.

3. Las Vegas Aria Resort and Casino

The Aria resort is a groundbreaking technological hotel that features state of the art smart rooms. These smart rooms will automatically detect your presence and open curtains, turn on televisions, adjust ambient temperatures and play music at your command. All of this is controlled by a unique touch screen interface, and you’ll be able to use your smartphone as a room key and receive push notifications for open casino tables near you. You can even enjoy online casino games in the comfort of your room, and it will feel as though you are in a cutting edge gaming establishment thanks to the hotel’s opulent design and luxurious fittings throughout.

4. Aloft Cupertino, California

The Aloft Cupertino focuses heavily on showcasing incredible modern robotic technology. You’ll enjoy a personal robotic butler at this hotel, who will do everything from deliver room service to bring you fresh towels, and travels the establishment using the elevators. The robot can also send push notifications to your phone when it has a delivery to make to your room, which comes with a cutting edge Apple TV.

5. CityHub, Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s CityHub offers futuristic and affordable sleeping pods for travellers on the move. Something like the backpackers’ of the future, the site offers 50 sleek sleeping pods complete with audio streaming, free Wi-Fi, and app-controlled mood lighting. You’ll be given a wristband in place of a door key, and can enjoy conversing with fellow globe-trotters at the CityHub bar.

6. The W Singapore - Sentosa Cove

Enjoy tropical outdoor swimming complete with underwater speakers at this state of the art Singaporean resort. Private pool Cabanas here come with built-in iPads to allow you to control every aspect of your experience, including adjustable ambient lighting throughout the hotel. There’s even a private DJ booth to use in the $9000 per night Extreme WOW Suite!

7. Hub by Premier Inn Covent Garden Hotel, London

At this exceptional travel destination, you’ll be able to download an app to control your room’s air conditioning, temperature, lighting, television and more. Enjoy the Hub’s virtual reality app for information on nearby restaurants, bars and clubs, and experience in-room Smart TVs and even smarter under-bed storage facilities.

8. SLS Las Vegas

By partnering with Samsung, this hotel (established in 2014) has been bringing its guests one of the most iconic modern hospitality experiences through groundbreaking visual emphasis. The hotel combines the history of its predecessor, the Sahara, with 60-foot long video walls, 2,200 Samsung Smart TV displays, and Galaxy tablets for guests for a unique check-in process. Even housekeeping staff have tablets to monitor their rooms in real time! Guests can enjoy 55-inch Smart TVs and on-demand streaming from their suites, while also using the TVs to arrange valets, room service, restaurant menus, activity schedules, new messages, accounts and much more!