Popular Casino Online NZ Table Games At EuroPalace

Popular Casino Online NZ Table Games At EuroPalaceWhile pokies have become a staple iGaming diet among casino online NZ players, table games are today every bit as popular as when they first made their way online all those many years ago.

This is at least in part for the same reason classic casino table games have remained so popular for literally centuries: they offer top entertainment value, they’ve a likeable design, and they’re super fun to play.

Below are just some of the most popular table games available online right now at EuroPalace.

Online Blackjack

Whether asking casual “hobby” players, or serious online table gaming aficionados, Blackjack is often the answer when people are asked about their favourite table game.

It’s a game that appeals to older players as well as to a young generation, and the reasons for this are many in number.

The odds are just about the best in the house, there’s some level of skill involved, and its super fun to play and easy to learn. EuroPalace has several options available, all of which are premium quality.

Online European Roulette

Played with a wheel and a table featuring numbers 0-36, players participate in a game of online European Roulette by placing bets on single numbers, groups, or even a colour (red or black).

A very big reason for why European Roulette is so popular is because even a casino online NZ player who has never played before is easily able to pick up on how the game works. Plus, it has a lower house edge than its American counterpart!

Online Baccarat

When playing Baccarat, the rules are few, but the excitement high.

Baccarat is easily accessible, highly enjoyable, and ideal for anybody wanting to get a thrill from a new game without having to learn heaps of complicated bets and stacks of hands and tricks of the trade to memorise.

It’s a simple card game and it’s perfect for the player who loves to sit back, relax, and take it easy.

Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow Poker is a variety of Poker not often heard in the same conversations as, say, Texas Hold’Em or Stud Poker. So popular has the game become among casino online NZ players, that it’s developed a culture all on its own.

Players are dealt seven cards to start with. The goal is to divide the seven cards into two: a 5-card Poker hand and a 2-card Poker hand. Should the player’s “hands” beat both the dealers, then winnings are paid according to a pay-table. 

Make sure you check out these table games at EuroPalace and see why they remain a Kiwi player favourite!