Give Your Valentine`s Day an International Flavour

5. Seven Nights of Love in China

Rather than Valentine’s Day, China has its own celebration of love known as Qixi or the Seventh Night Festival. It takes place on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month, and has many of its own traditions and legends. From kissing competitions to single women making offerings in the hopes of finding a husband and while couples visiting temples to pray for prosperity.

Seven Nights of Love in China

6. Spooning in Wales

The Welsh celebrate their own Patron Saint of Lovers, Dwynwen, on 25 January. The most traditional gifts are Love Spoons, which are now also given away at marriages, births and other celebrations. Since at least the 17th century young men carved these spoons to give to their sweethearts, with their intricate patterns and symbols all meaning something different.

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