Give Your Valentine`s Day an International Flavour

7. Spread the Love in South Korea

Valentine’s Day celebrations in South Korea is not only celebrated on 1 day! Women give men gifts on 14th February, men give women gifts on 14th March or White Day, and 14th April is Black Day. On Black Day singles mourn their lonely status by eating dark bowls of black bean pasta noodles, known as jajangmean and on 14th June you are meant to kiss someone.

Spread the Love in South Korea


8. Love Lockdown in France

It is actually believed that the country believed to be the most romantic in the world is, fittingly, where Valentine’s Day traditions first began! Charles, Duke of Orleans, was imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415 and sent love letters to his wife while he was there. These tokens of affections sparked the gift-giving traditions we see today, and there are several other customs to honour 14 February in France.

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