Strategy Tips For NZ Online Casino Video Poker Games

Strategy Tips For NZ Online Casino Video Poker GamesVideo Poker has many aspects to it that make it a fun and popular game at NZ online casinos. It has the basic rules and hands of 5-card Draw, and it is easy to learn and play like pokies are. Our experts have put together some notes for you to bear in mind the next time you play it at a first-rate site like Ruby Fortune NZ, for example.

Study the Paytable and RTP

Video Poker has a number of variants, each with a different paytable. Knowing which hands you need to create and how much they pay out, is key.

The pay table also often displays the Return to Player percentage for each hand. Research RTP and house edge and get to know and understand how these concepts work.

Use Strategy Charts & Hand Calculators

Strategy charts offer the optimal game decision for ever play and move in any given situation when you’re playing Video Poker at NZ online casinos. There are also online Hand Calculators available, which can save you even the trouble of having to use a chart. They provide instant, optimal strategy tips at the push of a button.

Practice With Free Games & Trainer Apps

Not only are there a huge number of free Video Poker games to play and practice with available at online casinos and app stores, but there are also a range of Video Poker trainer apps to be found. These can be especially useful, and together with free games, provide an effective educational tool, and don’t require that you spend a cent.

Properly Manage Your Bankroll

A potential drawback of playing Video Poker that you will likely run into in the beginning, is that it is often so entertaining and absorbing that, before you know it, your money’s gone and it’s game-over. Good bankroll management is therefore a major necessity when you’re spending any amount of time at NZ online casinos. There are bankroll calculators available online, as well as an abundance of advice on the subject. Our experts advise that you:

  • Allocate a certain amount of funds for your bankroll.
  • Create a strict loss limit and stick to it stringently.
  • Pace your bets and playing time to counter house edge.
  • Never gamble with borrowed money.

Now it’s time to put your new skill set to work! We recommend Ruby Fortune NZ for a fantastic Video Poker experience.