Wazdan Online Pokies Get Flexible Volatility

Wazdan Online Pokies Get Flexible VolatilityiGaming company Wazdan is known for its innovative designs, especially when it comes to online pokies. Now, in an unprecedented move, the company has announced that the online pokies it provides will have adjustable volatility levels. This means that online casino operators will be able to adjust the volatility of pokies at will, offering unmatched freedom of choice.

It is now possible, for example, for operators to create specific gameplay experiences, such as adjusting games to accommodate only high stakes places. Or, of course, the opposite is possible, with games being adjusted for low stakes players.

Either way, the options are vast, meaning that both players and sites are officially entering into a new era of freedom. Players can see for themselves now at a best online casino NZ that offers Wazdan titles.

How Does It Work?

But what exactly is volatility, and how does it impact online pokies? Simply put, iGaming software has a payout ratio built into the software at a core level. Rated from low to high, the setting indicate not only how often a game pays out, but how much it pays out. A high setting means that payouts will be far less common, but when they do win the payout is larger. Low, of course, means that payouts are very common, but that payout amounts are normally low.

Up until now it has been impossible for operators to change this rating, meaning that each title was based entirely around the setting given to it by default. This is significant for many reasons, not in the least due to the fact that each casino has had to market the online pokies to specific groups of players. Those looking for a casual gameplay experience do, after all, generally prefer low volatility gameplay.

Partners First

As would be expected, best online casino NZ sites that are partnered with Wazdan will now be given this freedom of choice. Andrzej Hyla spoke for the company, sharing a few thoughts on the development. Hyla confirmed that his was the only studio in the world offering this sort of control and freedom, making it a truly unique and innovative change.

He went on to say that giving the option to partners was also likely to strengthen relationships and partnerships, paving the way for a brighter, more lucrative corporate future than ever before.

It remains to be seen how well the new level of freedom will go down with sites around the world.

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