Wazdan’s Andrzej Hyla Eyes Online Casino NZ Innovation

Wazdan’s Andrzej Hyla Eyes Online Casino NZ InnovationThe chief commercial officer at Wazdan knows that rolling stones don’t gather any moss, so there’s little chance of the online casino NZ provider becoming stagnant under his watch. Andrzej Hyla said that greater innovation was always welcome – but he was quick to add that it should enhance, not detract from, the gaming experience.

Hyla discussed the drivers and challenges of innovation in the iGaming industry, the provider’s use of special features in its pokies and games, and the popularity of ways to win.

The Issue Of Innovation

From Hyla’s point of view, the ongoing improvement of technology as well as the need for providers to make their games stand out from the competition are some of the driving forces of the best online casino NZ innovations. He explained that the provider uses innovative features and mechanics to create gaming content that appeals to an incredibly diverse audience.

Hyla added that those mechanics and features should be intuitive, and they should never be confusing to players.

Of course, innovation is not without its challenges. Some of the biggest challenges include a burgeoning demand for new online casino NZ content as well as coming up with truly original ideas. Among the other challenges is the increasing number of rules and regulations being imposed by gambling jurisdictions around the world. He explained that game developers often find it difficult to balance innovative entertainment and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Wazdan And Special Features

The Unique Wazdan Features and Wazdan Special features are two of the provider’s best online casino NZ special elements. According to Hyla, their popularity rests on the fact that they let players customise game speed, volatility, and other aspects of the environment.

The CCO added that the provider recently introduced a Buy feature that players can use to access the games’ bonus rounds. He also highlighted the Hold the Jackpot games, which use a math model that offers engaging gaming, and the Cash Drop gamification product aimed at player engagement and retention.

Online casino NZ operators that use Cash Drop have seen an average increase of 219% in unique active players, 265% in game rounds, and 366% in bet sum during those promotions.

The Ways To Win Craze

Hyla’s confident that the industry’s hunger for more ways to win will continue through the last few months of 2021 and beyond. He said that the provider’s tapping into the trend by working on Jelly Reels, a new mechanic that will offer an unbelievable 16,777,216 ways to win. That number of winning ways would make it one of the best online casino NZ features we’ve ever seen.

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