What is RNG Software? | May 2021

What is RNG SoftwareIf you’re a fan of online pokies in NZ, there’s a good chance that you’ve done some research into the safety and security of your preferred online casino destination, especially when it comes to factors such as licensing and registration, as well as external auditing by a regulatory body like eCOGRA. One very important feature to be mindful of, though, is that of RNG software, which is generally used not only in online pokies in NZ, but other player-vs-computer table games, too. What is RNG software? RNG is short for ‘Random Number Generator’, and is a crucial aspect of any online casino to ensure that all results of reel spins and dealt hands are 100% arbitrary – i.e.: no human involvement.

How Does RNG Software Work?

RNG software isn’t all that difficult to understand, if you just think of the seemingly endless number of possible number combinations that exist. When firing up an online pokies game in NZ, even before hitting the ‘Spin’ button, there are sequences of random numbers being generated in the background, constantly moving until you spin the reels. Only at this point will that sequence be briefly halted, and that current number combination will result in whatever the outcome of the reels is – the same as when being dealt a hand in online blackjack, or the ball dropping in the wheel in online roulette. Then, those sequences continue generating, and the process repeats, resulting in completely random results each time.

For What Reason Is RNG Software Used?

Why RNG software is used is simple: in order for online casinos to be allowed to operate within their regions, they need to be licensed, registered and deemed safe and fair. Adhering to any jurisdiction’s regulations is one thing, but online casinos also need to be able to verify that any results of an online pokies game in NZ, and any table game results, are perfectly fair. eCOGRA is an example of a testing body, and usually, checking for certificates of fairness of a casino’s games is as easy as following the hyperlinked logo, often displayed on the casino’s homepage. You’ll also be able to view a game’s RTP (Return to Player). RTP rates are ultimately how the results of RNG software are interpreted, and show the rates at which games pay out by means of a percentage.

What Does RNG Mean For Players?

At the end of the day, the main purpose of playing online pokies in NZ is to have fun. Online casinos often claim a game is ‘hot’ or ‘cold’, depending on when last it paid out. This notion is a fallacy, thanks to RNG software, which also makes it impossible to trick or cheat the system. Ultimately, if you like a game, play it. But just be sure to do so in a safe and secure online casino. One that we can recommend is Spin Casino (formerly known as Spin Palace Casino). Not only is this destination licensed and registered, it is externally tested by eCOGRA to ensure that all games use above-board RNG software, and that all payouts are fair and arbitrary. This hub also allows patrons and players to click on the eCOGRA logo at the bottom of the homepage, where they can view the full report of the casino’s fairness, as well as the RTPs for the various games on offer. So, whether you prefer online pokies in NZ, table games, video poker selections or something else, this is the place to try them out.

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