How PlayOJO NZ Breaks The iGaming Mould

How PlayOJO NZ Breaks The iGaming MouldThose that know PlayOJO NZ know that it is an online casino unlike any other. Besides having a great selection and outstanding customer support, PlayOJO NZ is a casino online that goes in a totally unique direction with its rewards. While other casino hide their rewards behind wagering requirements, dictating when Bonus Cash can finally be withdrawn, all those rules are thrown out the window at this revolutionary site.

This is one of very few casino that does not have any Wagering Requirements on its rewards. It almost seems too good to be true, but is a reality for those that decide to sign up. Rather than impose restrictions, PlayOJO NZ is comfortable with letting its players do whatever they want. The rewards system is designed, from the ground up, to put power in the player’s hands.

Let’s take a closer look and get an idea of how it all works.

The Secret Is In The Points

OJOPlus is the heart of the rewards programme. Every player is automatically given an OJOPlus account, and from the moment they start playing, they start receiving. By just being at the site, playing games, and otherwise having a good time, players add points to the OJOPlus account. The more points gathered, the more levels are unlocked, and thus even more points are earned. It is an elegant system that works exactly as it sounds.

But here is the trick. A player can redeem their points at any time, accept the rewards, and do with the cash as they please. Yes, it can be withdrawn, or it can be pumped right back into games. The only thing to keep in mind is that once points are redeemed, the OJOPlus account is reset to zero.

It is a casino online reward system that really doesn’t have any flaws.

Let The Rewards Flow

But, of course, there is far more going on at PlayOJO NZ. The OJO Wheel and Prize Twister are also part of the equation, adding a healthy dose of excitement to the proceedings. A spin on the OJO Wheels could result in massive prizes, with the idea being an interesting game of risk versus reward. How are spins earned? Why, by reaching levels on OJOPlus, of course. The Prize Twister works in a similar fashion, but with spins being far more difficult to come by.

All it all, it isn’t difficult to understand how PlayOJO NZ breaks the mould, and likewise not surprising that the site is so popular with New Zealanders.