Improve Your Online Casino NZ Pokies Wins

Improve Your Online Casino NZ Pokies WinsDue to its widespread popularity all around the world, there has always been a huge variety of pokies. These days, however, online casinos NZ are expanding the variety even more. Don’t take our word for it. Head over to Super Slots and see for yourself! But read our expert tips and tricks for increasing your returns before you do.

Pick a Game You Enjoy & Master It

Though it’s worth exploring the abundance of choices to find a game you like, once you find it, consider sticking to it, and getting to know all of its special bonuses and features as thoroughly as you can. Many online casinos NZ have free-to-play versions of their pokies, too, that you can practice on.

Find the Best Online Casinos & Games

There are many places to play pokies these days, so take your time when you’re deciding where to sign up.

Don’t Fall Prey to Gambling Fallacies

The gambling and casino world is old business, and many myths and superstitions have collected around it over time:

  • I’m Due A Win

It’s a common mistake amongst gamblers to feel that, after a streak of losses, a win is bound to be just around the corner. In reality, pokies, and most casino games, are designed so that, no matter how many times you lose, or win, the chances remain the same with every spin.

  • It’s Hot To Pay

Another common fallacy in a similar vein is the belief that a game gets hot due to, say the amount of money put in, or number of games passed between payouts. With online pokies, this belief is mostly to do with Progressive Jackpot games.

In fact, the only reliable guide you really have regarding the likeliness of a payout is the Return To Player rate and even this is a percentage worked out over time.

Check Out Progressive Pokies

With the above in mind, Progressive pokies are nevertheless a very exciting and potentially rewarding variant with jackpots that regularly reach millions of dollars. They’re an excellent game to play at top online casinos NZ.

Study the Pay Table & Understand RTP

Understanding the RTP and the pay table is a crucial aspect of long-term success. After all, that is specifically how RTP works, over “time”. It is also an alternative representation of “house edge” which conversely indicates the percentage of loss. House edge has a multiplier effect, i.e., the longer you play the more it takes effect.

And now it’s time to sign up for, or log in to, your Super Slots account and put these tips to use.