Yggdrasil Celebrates Google Cloud Migration

Yggdrasil Celebrates Google Cloud Migration

Leading casino games software developer and platform administrator Yggdrasil Gaming has confirmed having now completed the migration of its development, staging and production environments onto the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Yggdrasil is yet again leading the way, with the rest of the industry bound to follow now that leading gambling authority the Gibraltar Regulator has given the all-systems-go regarding the tech-migration.

But the GCP migration is about a great deal more than being first-in. Yggdrasil has outlined a number of benefits made possible by the decision to migrate and a boost to scalability, ramped-up efficiency and absolute flexibility are the now-achieved outcomes.

Saving Time & Saving Resources

Perhaps most beneficial of all is that where previously, setting up an Yggdrasil node; whether for internal or external-partner use; took weeks to complete, the same node can now be set up from start to finish in a matter of mere hours. The time-saving nature of the migration to the cloud is most significantly visible in the areas of software development and the rolling out of solutions to franchisees.

Brand partners will in future be able to tap into the provider’s significant pool of resources and tools in order to create signature content of their own as well as to create game servers and to adapt and change existing casino games as needed. The source code of each individual casino game will however all throughout every process remain perfectly secure and protected and intact.

The provider’s new GATI solution, which is short for Game Adoption Tools & Interface, would not have been possible without the tech-solutions available to Google Cloud migrators. GATI is in fact the driver behind the success of initiatives like the company’s YG Masters Programme. Only now, independent studio development will take place in a much more instant-access type of environment.

Mission Accomplished

Yggdrasil Gaming is understandably very proud of the completion of the project. And especially so since according to Chief Technical Officer Krzysztof Opalka, the company had as recently as last year set the target for migration onto the cloud. What the brand has achieved in a decidedly short period of time is a case of stellar mission accomplished.

According to Opalka, the mission was to futureproof Yggdrasil Gaming’s business. Not only does the migration to the Google Cloud Platform ensure ongoing growth in business, but it also enables the company to reduce as well as control costs and expenses in a much more effective manner