Download Online Casinos

To download or not to download? That is the question, and a very important one too. In the exciting world of digital wagering, it’s all about choices. You’ve got a choice of games from which to choose, a choice of platforms on which to play (PC. Mobile, live), a choice of banking solutions to cater to your needs, a choice of playing for free or for real money, a choice of customisation options when playing your games – shall we continue? As is clearly obvious choice rules, and it’s important because at the end of the day it’s about you and your player experience. Our online casinos are as much about providing you with a great pastime and entertainment as they are about making it as comfy and cosy as possible. When it comes to playing, you’ve got the choice between gaming via a downloaded casino or through your browser.

What’s the Difference?

There are some marked differences that need to be addressed when it comes to choosing the way in which you’ll be playing your online casino games. While both ways ultimately lead to you having fun and getting loads of winning possibilities, the experience is not created equal. We would recommend that you opt for the downloadable version of the casino software, quite simply because you’ll get an overall better player experience. The software download only takes a few minutes and once completed means that you’ll have the icon on your desktop, ready to load and give you access to hundreds of casino games. It also assures you of smoother running games and this is vital. Downloading the casino also means that you’ll have access to the full spectrum of games. This is true for PC users and for mobile casino players. Additionally, often a game’s full complement of features will only be available when downloaded, as these features may be resource heavy and not work as well in a browser based scenario. This means that a downloaded game may differ somewhat to its instant play counterpart, and that you may find there are subtle additions to it that you otherwise would not have experienced.

The debate as to whether downloading casino software is better than instant play gaming is one that’s raged for years, and much like the debate as to whether iPhone or Android is a better option, it really comes down to personal preference. The way you access your favourite casino games is up to you, and what works best for your immediate situation. For players who always use the same desktop or mobile device, downloading free casino software will make the most sense, as all it takes is a quick click and you’re ready to play. However if you switch between devices, use PC’s that are shared, or swap between tablet and smartphone, then instant play casino games may be a better bet.

Premium Playing Experiences

There’s nothing wrong with choosing not to download the casino software. It does for one mean quicker access. It’s as simple as going to the casino’s website and punching in your login details. The interface will then load in your browser and provide access through that medium. The downside to browser-based gameplay is that your internet connection can play up more strongly, and this in turn can at times result in jilted gameplay. This won’t happen all the time, but the possibility does exist. It also means access to less games. Downloading is not just applicable to the casino software; depending on the density of the actual game, downloading is also recommended, especially if you’re playing via one of our mobile casinos. Downloading in essence just assures you of a better player experience.

If you download a casino’s software there’s also no obligation to only play at that casino, or not to delete the software at any time. There are so many awesome Kiwi casinos that you may find you chop and change a bit; and you don’t have to feel that simply because you downloaded a site’s software, you are now stuck with it. The deletion process is just as simple as the install, and you can rest assured that if you’ve downloaded software from any of our casinos, you’ll never be left with malware, spyware or any other similar virus on your desktop or mobile.

Our Downloadable Casinos

Luckily for you there is always choice.  Whether you’re playing on your PC or on your smartphone, you can opt for downloadable casino software or browser-based software. This is something that’s available at all of the casino operators you see advertised through us. Choose to download from the following New Zealand operators: