No Download Online Casinos

Today we all want things done faster, as is the curse and blessing of modern technology. All the leaps and strides made in technology have not only given us ease of access, but also tremendous speed. In the context of this discussion, it’s why there exists such a strong line between players who prefer to play downloadable online casinos games and those who prefer gaming right on the spot through their browsers. The latter is also known as No Download Online Casino gameplay, and while we will always recommend to our players that they rather choose downloadable casino software, we must make it clear that there is lots of merit in No Download Online Casino gaming.

Why Opt For No Download Casinos?

No Download Online Casino gaming maintains all the hallmarks of the alternative – downloadable casino gaming. However, there are a few differences that should be noted, and this mainly has to do with speed, gaming content availability and consistency in terms of a smooth running gaming experience. These differences may make all the difference to some Kiwi players, or you may find that they don’t really affect your online casino experience whatsoever.

No Download Gets You There Faster

No Download Online Casino gaming is also known as browser-based gaming. What this essentially means is that as opposed to downloading the key casino software, you simply establish your account and then go straight to playing the casino games in your browser – be that Chrome, Fire Fox or Internet Explorer. In a way, it’s a little like cutting corners but the payoff is that you need not download any additional software, and you can get down to playing all your favourite online pokies and table games immediately. Instant play may mean instant wins and especially if you are pressed for time, this type of gaming is the easiest.

Gaming Content Availability

No Download Online Casino gaming will give you access to a large portion of the games and titles, but there is a bit of a ‘but’, and that comes down to content availability. You will not have access to the entire spectrum of online casino games. It’s why we often suggest to players that they rather download the casino software as this allows full access. Having said that, the casino games that are available as No Download Online Casino titles are still very impressive. But if it’s more you want, then downloading is the way forward.

Performance Consistency

Due to the very nature of browser-based gameplay, no information is stored on your PC or your mobile device. As a result, everything is dependent on your internet connection and this is where performance consistency can become hampered. At best, connectivity issues rarely occur. There will however be times when your connectivity will affect the actual running of a casino game, and this could mean experiencing things like a slight delay in an outcome or a jilted movement on your screen. 

If your internet connection happens to drop, online casinos have made sure to implement measures to ensure that you won’t lose all your winnings, but these are not fail proof so if you’re opting for high stakes games, you may want to consider downloading the software instead.

A Gaming Option to Suit You

When it comes down to it, choosing whether or not to download casino software generally depends on a players preferences and individual situation. If you use a shared PC or switch between mobile devices and a desktop you’ll find that instant play, no download casino games are your best bet. You won’t have to worry about repeatedly downloading software and can simply open up your browser, log in and start playing without any delays.

The best Kiwi casinos online offer a choice of both download and no download casino games, so whatever your preference, you’re sure to find an option that suits you.