Understanding Random Number Generation

Random Number Generators are computational or physical devices that are used to generate random sequences of numbers or symbols. They have several applications and their theory extends back several years.

One of the things a Random Number Generator is commonly used for is creating lottery and bingo numbers online, and to determine the odds of online blackjack, baccarat, pokies and roulette games. This makes it possible to play online in the first place, so it is very important, and helps to ensure that playing is kept as fair as we at Casino Online New Zealand require it to be.

When Random Number Generators are discussed with regard to online casinos, the name denotes a piece of software in the overall platform that is powering the playing destination. It’s not overstating their importance to say that these Generators are what make online gameplay possible in the first place!

Traditional Casino Action Translated

With the original land-based casino games all of the action was naturally random, unless complicated deceptions were involved, and results were naturally random. As more games became digitised, and then as online casinos grew in popularity, this randomness needed to be recreated in a way that was absolutely trustworthy.

That’s just where Random Number Generators come in to online casino games! Once you’ve selected your craps, keno, blackjack, baccarat or pokies game, and before you have even started to play, the Random Number Generator in the software at the online casino you’ve chosen to play at starts to work.

Several hundred number combinations are produced per second, so the sequences are kept completely arbitrary. If you choose a playing destination with reputable software, as all of the Casino Online New Zealand options are, you’ll have the same chances of winning as if you were playing offline at a live casino.

The new wave of live dealer games doesn’t require such Random Number Generation, of course, but for the conventional online casino games it’s very important. If you feel unsure about the practices at a prospective casino, check whether they’ve been endorsed for fairness and safety which usually means they are using a Random Number Generator, or do a little research and reading of a few reviews before you play any of the casino games on offer for real money.

Basic Mechanics

The way Random Number Generators in online casino software work is to use a starting number, often called a Seed Number, and calculate a new and random number based on that seen via a very complicated algorithm.

The new number becomes the Seed, and the process continues. The numbers are huge and, although they are calculated from the ones that came before, there is no way to predict them. It would be possible, in theory, if it were possible to find out what the original Seed Number was going to be, but these are very closely guarded.

Online casinos might also rig their generators, but the third party auditing that every casino approved by us goes through should negate that. Ultimately Random Number Generators are not completely random but they do provide good levels of fairness. Next time you’re enjoying your favourite casino games at one of our top rated sites, remember that you have a Random Number Generator to thank!