Problem Gaming & Gambling Addiction

Let’s be frank and honest. Gaming, be it land-based or via an online casino, is not all roses. It’s not always just about fun, escapism and winning. In fact, for many it can become an issue and one that should be dealt with effectively and accordingly. There are various forms of support that can be sought should you or a family member come to the realisation that what was fun and games is now loss and pain. The key to solving a gaming problem is to attend to it as quick as possible, thus not allowing the issue to fester. Like anything that can become a bad habit, resolution will not always be swift. Luckily, New Zealand online casinos do offer support, help and advice to problematic gamers.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

If you, or someone close to you, is exhibiting any of these signs the chances are that gambling has become a problem and it’s time to seek help.

  • Spending more money or time gambling than you can afford to.
  • Finding it impossible to stop or limit your online casino activities.
  • Arguing with, or lying, to friends and family about your gambling habits.
  • Losing interest in all other activities except gambling.
  • Obsessing over playing casino games and always working out when you will be able to do so next.
  • Chasing losses in order to get out of gambling debt.
  • Gambling until you are in debt, then borrowing money to continue to play casino games regardless of the financial implications.
  • Not paying bills, selling your possessions, or borrowing money in order to fund your online casino gaming activities.
  • Neglecting your spouse, family and friends, or your work and personal responsibilities due to gambling.
  • Feeling guilty, anxious or stressed and using gambling to feel better about yourself.

Resolutions Solutions

For New Zealand online casino and land-based players there are various ways to combat a gaming problem. There are online and on-the-ground solutions. For those who would like to seek local help, there’s the Problem Gambling Foundation of New Zealand (PGFNZ), an organization dedicated to helping those who need it. This foundation aims to take a broad look at what might be triggering the cause as well as compounding factors like alcohol and social economic factors. The PGFNZ offers confidential and professional aid and can be reached via phone or email:

The counsellors will assist you in recognizing the problem, making a call about your gambling behaviours and in setting realistic goals. Strategies will be explored along with coping mechanisms in terms of relapse management.

Online Casino Assistance

The online casinos we punt and promote to New Zealand players have safety nets in place should you develop a gaming problem. Our casinos insist that you need to see gaming as entertainment and not as a means to make money. They also insist upon the fact that you keep track of the time you spend playing as well as the cash you use. The steps these casinos take include the prohibiting of anyone under the age of 18 and along with it, player self-exclusion programs.

Player self-exclusion programs include the fowling steps:

  • Locking your account and receiving no promotional material
  • A minimum cooling off period of 7 days
  • A minimum self-exclusion period of 6 months
  • Setting depositing limits on your account to ensure that you only spend  a set amount of money

Our online casinos all have support staff that can be contacted for assistance with the above-mentioned player-support structures. A self-assessment test is also available with casinos like JackpotCity.