Tips on How To Play Keno

Keno is very similar to the lottery – you’re given a card with a series of numbers, and you choose some and hope that what you’ve chosen aligns with what the casino churns out. That’s really keno and online keno in a nutshell. One of the appealing things about playing online is that you get various versions of keno to play, especially when it comes to the theme of the game. This adds an extra dimension to the game. Variations of online keno include:

  • Klub Keno
  • Instant Keno Classic
  • Krazy Keno
  • Traditional Keno
  • Bonus Keno

After you’ve selected the keno game you’d like to play, you’ll be faced with a card with grids numbering 1 to 80. Through the use of your mouse, or your fingers if you’re playing mobile keno on your smartphone, you’ll be able to choose up to 20 numbers at a time. Once you’ve chosen your numbers, you can then select how much you’re going to wager. After you’ve chosen your numbers click on the ‘Play One’ or ‘Play Five’ button. Play One means that the numbers you have selected will just be played once whereby the Play Five button implies that the numbers you chose will be played consecutively for 5 times in a row.

The Best Online Keno NZ

There are many reasons to play online keno, one of those would be the simplicity of the game. It truly harkens back to a simpler time and one that asked less of a player while still providing enough enthrallment to keep one playing. Today online keno is quite a widespread game and offers a very likeable alternative to the rest of the usual online casino games. Keno’s lineage can be traced all the way back to ancient China, where according to historical sources, the game was used to keep the peace and to fund building projects like the Great Wall. Needless to say the game spread quite fast and today keno is a staple in most, if not all, casinos. New Zealanders have not been left out either and if you’re looking to enjoy a few rounds of online keno, we’ve got a list of all the casinos at which you can enjoy it.

Top Keno Sites New Zealand

Here at we’re always striving to give you the best possible gaming solutions, be it online or mobile. Our online casinos are chosen for their safety, fairness and legitimacy – in essence, for having proven track records. Each operator provides a barrage of excellent gaming titles and options, provides a sizeable online keno bonus and will fan the flames of your desire to go on playing by always making sure there is an exciting promotion in which you can take part!

Some of our top keno sites for New Zealand include operators like JackpotCity Casino, an established hub of gaming exhilaration known for its Las Vegas look and feel. Another good one for all your online keno needs would be Vera & John. This online casino houses well over 700 games in total, so you’ll have more than enough keno games to play, and lots of others. 888 Casino is a household name and another operator that won’t disappoint, plus, this one offers online sports betting too.