Playing Online Bingo

Bingo is an old and well-liked favourite with a massive world-wide community of players. One of bingo’s biggest drawcards is the social element that goes with the game. Habitually the game of bingo has always been played in a hall - a bingo hall to be exact. These days with the constant leaps forward in technology you can enjoy bingo behind your PC surrounded by your creature comforts without forgoing the social element. This is one of the biggest reasons as to why online bingo has and retains such a large following. Online bingo halls have incorporated the whole social aspect by offering various rooms that players can join and play in. Communication with the rest of the members as well as the room’s moderator is possible. The social part of online bingo is a major cornerstone in the enjoyment of playing it like this, as is the incentivised part such as bonus offers.

Playing Online Bingo Variations

The two most commonly played and most enjoyed forms of online bingo are 75 Ball Bingo and 90 Ball Bingo. 75 Ball Bingo is the American version of the game while 90 Ball Bingo is the European one. 75 Ball Bingo uses 75 numbers and has the groups divided according to the word ‘bingo’. In other words under ‘B’ you’ll have numbers 1-15, under ‘I’ you’ll have 16 -30, under ‘N ‘you’ll have 31 – 45, ‘G’ will be 46 -90 and ‘O’ will be 61 -75. This version of online bingo will have you playing for one prize per game and will make use of a 5x5 grid. Numbers are randomly arranged from 1 – 75.  Each 75 Ball Bingo game will have a certain pattern and if you’re the first to complete the pattern then you get to be the one to claim the prize.

90 Ball Bingo is quite similar to 75, except in this version the winning pattern is different and 90 numbers are made use of – hence the name. The card itself has 3 rows of numbers in 9 columns. The first player who daubs one full line gets the first prize while whoever completes two full lines across gets the second prize.

Online Bingo Bonuses

As is the case with an online casino, online bingo operators issue enticing bonuses to new comers. These bonuses can be pretty sizeable with operators like Giggle Bingo offering up to NZ$1 600 in bonus cash. Once you establish yourself as a regular player with an online bingo website, the odds of getting more incentivised offers is very likely.

You’ll also find a vast number of bonuses are offered to players in the chat rooms, and there are also side games that take place here too. By joining in the chat and enjoying a social online Bingo experience, you’ll also be able to boost your winning potential quite considerably. The more active you are in the chat room, the greater your chances are of being rewarded.

Online Bingo offers players a wonderful way to enjoy a top class game in the comfort of their own home. Fun and easy to play, Bingo is a game that can capture the attention of every player as it offers non-stop entertainment and regular instant wins!