Online Blackjack - How To Play

One of America’s oldest and most enjoyable card games takes on new life through online blackjack. Blackjack is by far one of the world’s most played games and one that unlike online slots is not completely and utterly random. While the house does have an edge over the player, the fact that online blackjack uses a different kind of engine to drive it means that as the player you can use a strategy. And let’s be frank, a strategy is better than no strategy at all. Most of the online blackjack titles available these days rely on a RND (Random Number Generator) to ensure that all cards dealt are totally random. Many also have at least four 52 decks of cards programmed into the games engine. This is done to mimic the tables of Las Vegas and to make card counting harder. In essence, online blackjack is the perfect replication of its table game counterpart. Playing the game is also quite easy and with just a few practice sessions, you’ll be good to go.

Online Blackjack Basics

Even if you’ve never played blackjack or online blackjack before, you’ll find that it is one of the easiest games to learn and can be one of the most rewarding ones too! The basic premise of the game is this: get as close to 21 as possible without exceeding that number. And that’s it. The card hierarchy is incredibly easy to learn too and it all involves basic arithmetic. Really, all you need to remember is that getting 21 on your first try is a “natural blackjack”, going over 21 and onto 22 or more is called “going bust” and will lead to you losing your bet. Also, you need a higher number than the dealer without going bust in order to win the jackpot on offer.

There are no jokers in the deck, all face cards are 10. Number card values are as stated on the cards and the Ace doubles as both 1 and 11. Once you’ve chosen your chip size and opted to bet, you’ll be dealt 2 cards and so will the dealer with only one of his two being exposed.  Once your cards are revealed you have a few options. You can Stand, Hit, Split and depending on your hand, Double Down. Each of these options entails different outcomes for your online casino game, and by playing your cards right according to whichever cards you’re holding, you can increase your chances of landing that big blackjack win.

Stand, Hit, Split or Double Down

Right, so you’ve been dealt a hand and now you need to decide what the next move is. If you’ve received a hand which is satisfactory, being either 21 or something very close, then elect to Stand. If you’ve been dealt low-scoring cards, then go with a Hit. This means you get another card. Alternatively you can split your cards into two separate hands. This will be acknowledged as placing another bet so it will cost. But on the plus side, you could either come out tops or hedge your situation by splitting. Splitting is usually allowed when you have two cards of the same value but are not identical.

Finally there’s Doubling Down, a move that should only be done if you feel confident that you’re going to bag the hand. There is a catch; when you Double Down, in other words when you double your initial bet, you will only be dealt one more card. It’s a standoff you’re having against the dealer so the house’s thinking is that if you believe you’re going to win this one and get double your money then they have to be prepared, too.

Strategy Charts for Online Blackjack

A strategy chart is great for a new comer. They’re easy to find too. Simply do a search online and download one. It’s a brightly coloured chart that has all the different hands dealt along with good advice as to what do to next. It will not guarantee a win, but its value should not be discounted.

Strategy charts will give you a basic layout of which moves to make when the dealer reveals certain hands, or when you hold certain cards in your own hand. Of course, no casino game strategy will ever give you 100% probability of winning that round – casino games always come down to luck at the end of the day! However, using good blackjack strategy can stretch the amount of money you have in your bankroll and help you to maximize your chances of hitting that tempting win.

Additional Online Blackjack Tips

There are a few other blackjack tips that can seriously help to preserve your bankroll and boost your winning chances. Firstly, when you play blackjack online or at a land-based casino you should always set yourself a budget before the game. Play according to your budget, and if you see that you’re growing close to its limit and you haven’t yet landed a big win, it’s advisable to stop playing! You can always pick up where you left off another day, but preserving your cash and playing according to what you can afford is a timeless piece of advice for any blackjack fan.

Next up on the list of blackjack tips is to quit while you’re ahead! This may seem counter-intuitive, but if you’re on a winning streak, sometimes it’s best to take what you’ve won and call it a day. Many players will end up betting more because they think they’ll win big, only to gamble away their prize and then some. You should also play cautiously if you don’t seem to be winning much. Don’t double your bets in order to try and reclaim your losses – rather try again soon and you may be luckier! Free casino games like free blackjack online games can also help you to hone your skills before you jump into real money play.

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