How to Play Online Slots

For those of you who have yet to try your hand at online slots, odds are you’re in for a good time when you play at the best online casinos in New Zealand. Online slots are just like regular slots that you would find at a land-based casino, except they’re hosted within the confines of the internet. This is a somewhat paradoxical remark, for while these games are online, there are so much more to play and that’s due to the fact that there are no physical limitations like you would find at a brick and mortar casino. In a land-based casino there’s always that chance that your favourite slot could be occupied but when you play online slots waiting becomes a thing of the past! There’s also the added benefit of learning how to play these games and at no extra cost. So before you place that first real bet in one of the many online slots available from leading developers, let’s get you acquainted with the basics.

Reel Structure

An online sots game consists of a series of reels on which various images are placed. These images all have a function and when matched in succession yield cash rewards. Reels are often composed of different paylines. Classic online slots with three reels may offer just 1 or 3 paylines, while some of the more advanced video slots have hundreds of paylines. You could have 9 all the way to 100 in most slots games, with each payline offering you a new way to win big. In recent times online casino software manufactures, in order to improve upon the player experience, have made some changes. This has been most prominent with the Ways-to-Win system which provides a simplified form of a payout, in which any matching slots symbols that appear on adjacent reels will award a cash prize.

Types of Online Slot Machines

Online Slot machines are divided into three kinds – classic, progressive and video. With our operators you’ll be able to try them all, as there is an extensive and varied range of slots games available at the best Kiwi online casinos. Classic online slots are the most basic types you can get. These games often use just 3 reels and have between one and five paylines. They’re also the oldest ones in existence. Online video slots are the most up-to-date versions of the games and are known for having better graphics and extra features like more bonus rounds. Finally you get progressive online slots and these ones offer the biggest jackpots. They extend themselves to both classic and video slots, and offer a massive progressive prize pool that increases in value the more online players play the game for real money.

Online Slot Winning Attributes

All the images you see on an online slot machine have a purpose. However, not all images or symbols are created equal. Some can give you a small payout, some an average payout and some can give massive rewards. Ideally, you want to land a full row of high like symbols on an active payline as this is the best possible financial result.

Then you get what is known as a win-enabling symbol and this symbol often has to do with giving you the opportunity to get more bang for your buck by activating your ability to trigger a fixed or progressive jackpot payout. Scatters and Wilds are the symbols most commonly fulfilling this purpose, with Scatters awarding Scatter Pays and Wilds triggering the game’s fixed or progressive jackpot payout. A scatter symbol usually multiplies your bet and can act as an entry point into a bonus feature. The Wild is a substitute, meaning it replaces other symbols to provide a stronger win. Over the years manufactures have created additional win-enabling features such as Expanding Wilds and Rolling Reels, which add a dynamic element to the game play to create new and exciting slots for Kiwi players.

Standard Buttons to be Aware Of

The four most common buttons found on an online slot machine are Lines, Coins, Auto Play and Max Bet. Lines are used to determine how many paylines you would like to enable. Logic dictates that the more lines you select, the better your chances of winning. It also means that you’ll spend more money with each wager, however, so you should always be aware of your own personal bankroll when choosing these options for your slots game. It’s a fine line that one needs to establish when choosing paylines, otherwise you could run out of funds much faster than you anticipated.

The Max Bet Slots Button

The Max Bet button is basically the all-in button. It selects the highest coin value and all the paylines in one single swift move, making your bets much more valuable should you land a winning symbol combination on the reels. A word of caution must be offered here - this kind of bet is more suited towards high rollers and those seeking to win a progressive jackpot.

Often, an online slot’s progressive jackpot can only be triggered if you are playing the game at maximum stake, so keep this in mind should you be trying for a progressive prize online.