Legal New Zealand Online Casinos

Welcome to, where you’ll only find online casinos that you’re allowed to play at. Because we strive to offer our New Zealand gaming base the best possible gambling options, we’ve pulled together a bunch of what we consider to be the best online casino offers in terms of catering to New Zealand players. In accommodating the player taste of our New Zealand base, we’ve made sure that all the operators we endorse are fully legal and within their rights to operate within the New Zealand region.

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What Makes a Casino Legal?

In terms of online casinos, legal falls under the banner of fully licenced, and fully licenced in turn includes a number of things such as the approval of the correct governing bodies that regulate the entire industry to ensure that there is absolutely no malpractice.

In order to operate, an online casino needs to attain a gaming licence from one the three territories allowed to issue such licences. One such territory is Malta where the Lotteries and Gaming Authority resides. Known as the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority), this governing body oversees the entire process of getting a licence to legally operate and ensures that strict guidelines are adhered to. This organisation is incredibly thorough and has a list of suspended operators which players can look at to be sure of where not to go. Under the authority of the MGA, each online casino that we advise our New Zealand players on is within its right to offer remote gaming entertainment.

The different licensing authorities each have their own websites, which explain their structure, criteria and functions very clearly. If you want to know exactly what they do and what they ensure from the casinos that they regulate and license, take some time to check these out.

Additional Merits

In addition to having a licence to operate, our online casinos must also be approved of and monitored by other external bodies. No such governing body is more important than the eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) organisation, an overseer and insurer of ethical gaming behaviour and practices. In being approved of by this organisation, certain requirements must be met and strongly adhered to. The eCOGRA organisation enforces the following objectives:

• Safeguarding vulnerable customers
• The prevention of underage gambling
• Combating fraudulent and criminal behaviour
• Protection of customer privacy and safeguarding of information
• Prompt and accurate customer payments
• Fair gaming (e.g. RNG and game evaluations)
• Responsible marketing
• Commitment to customer satisfaction and support
• Secure, safe and reliable operating environment

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind Online

Safety, fairness and smooth administration are all huge issues when it comes to playing at an online casino in New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. If you know that all of these issues are managed and taken care of, you can base your decisions on where to play on your personal preferences alone.

If you know, for example, that all of the Customer Support channels at all of our recommended casinos are trustworthy, you can choose the communication channel that works best for you. You don’t have to go with one that you don’t really like, such as the telephone, simply because you don’t know how much you can rely on other options. In the same way, you won’t have to use banking methods or play games that are not really what you’re looking for.

There are enough high-quality online casinos in New Zealand and, with the best of the best showcased for you here, you never need to settle for anything less than what you want out of your online game session. This might be free pokies and other games that allow you to practice and polish your skills, or the highest-possible payout rates. You might want to have a wide range of casino games at your disposal, or you might want a selection of different variations of one or two such as Blackjack.

The mobile casino platforms of certain establishments are also better than others, and if you often need to play on the go this might be the requirement you need to prioritise. Everything depends on your personal preferences and circumstances, but you’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for with us. Having a list of trusted and legal online casinos to choose from, all in one place, should make it a little less of a headache. Perusing all of the best options in the country, finding the ones that work best for you and then visiting those can even be enjoyable! Start your own investigations today to see for yourself, and get playing and winning as soon as possible.